Ontario voters facing 'stark choice' in June, says Kathleen Wynne


But thanks to the current government being 14 years long-in-the-tooth, with a leader who can't shake low popularity ratings, the Ford-led PCs have a better-than-even shot. "We're going to reduce hydro rates, start attracting great-paying jobs and business". I've said it over and over and over again. You've got to get sales outside.

"This was pretty much the most mishandled party executive communication exercise I've ever witnessed on television", she said.

"The billions in cuts they are promising, and the divisive social conservative policies they are championing, will hurt Ontario's economy and change our province for the worse", Liberal campaign co-chair Deb Matthews said. I welcome that news.

Mr. Ford was declared the new leader late Saturday night after a chaotic convention.

A lawyer representing a disenfranchised party member had brought an application for an injunction to prolong the race in which online voting ended at noon today.

To the east, in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, the two split four ridings in closer contests, including one that Elliott took by a single vote.

Ford is perhaps best known as a one-term Toronto city councillor who voraciously defended his scandal-ridden brother, late Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

"Because the race was so close, and a relative handful of disputed ballots could have changed the results if they were attributed to the wrong riding, a careful review was needed to ensure Ford had actually won". "Everyone in the province is frustrated", he stressed. "We are going to sweep this province".

Woolstencroft said Ford not only needs to be a team-builder inside and outside his caucus as the election nears, but also come up with platform, heal a party ravaged by turmoil at the top and win over skeptical voters. While the Conservatives dominate in numerous province's rural areas, the long-governing Liberals' power base is around Toronto.

But Fedeli, who was slated to meet with Ford Sunday afternoon, was quick to point out that Ford is both party leader and "the boss".

"I think Caroline has a tremendous future in the party but the party wasn't ready yet and so we move on and we don't spend our time worrying about what didn't happen".

After Ford lost the 2014 Toronto mayoral race to John Tory, Wynne responded with a "Hallelujah!"

Leadership candidate Elliott, who was the only candidate not to call for an extension in voting, said while the process hasn't been ideal she welcomed the judge's ruling.

He said it is too early to tell what kind of impact Ford's election as leader will have on the local campaign.

Furious Ford supporters shouted "bulls-t" and "shame" as Lefton first spoke, delaying the announcement of the results.

Bob Bailey, on CHOK's The Talk Show with Sue Storr Monday morning, deflected opposition criticism about Ford's past including drug allegations in the 1980s.

Ford won by a slim, 153 vote margin.

According to the poll, amongst those who are considered "decided" and "leaning" voters, it appears the PCs would garner 44 per cent of the vote, with the NDP gaining 27 per cent and the Liberals only 23 per cent. Instead she alleges "serious irregularities" in the race.

Ford said he was thinking of his brother after the victory.