Fortnite Battle Royale iOS Invite Event Sign-Ups are Now Open


As this is an online multiplayer game, you will need to do not forget to turn on the internet connection on your phone.

Fortnite Battle Royale is the latest game attempting to offer cross-platform gameplay, but is hitting some snags.

To play the popular action game via iPhone or iPad, fans can sign up on Epic Games' official website. You can either team up with a squad or go at it alone anywhere, and anytime, in the mobile version of the popular game mode.

To try your luck, just visit here and input your details. Well, the short answer is from today, March 12. Players also aren't guaranteed access, as Epic Games' is expected to begin releasing game codes in waves, so players who don't get in early might have to wait a little later than expected. Regardless, you can get a sense for both how it may look on your device of choice and what it's going to play like. So, in essence: if you have 50 wins on PC and 20 on mobile, your stats will reflect 70 wins in total. Or perhaps a drastic change in the mobile control scheme, so that the game is more accessible for those not used to the FPS controls on mobile devices.

Do not forget to register on this link and hopefully get Fortnite BR on your mobile before everyone else.

How does cross-play work?

Should they have been in a position of power as the maker of a best-selling console - an honor now held by the PS4 for Sony - many doubt that they would encourage cross-play for "Fortnite" as well. One hundred players will still drop onto the same island, with all the same locations, weapons and gadgets to find in their quest to be the last one standing. Mobile players will face other mobile players by default.

When does Fortnite come to mobile?

It's a definite curiosity, if nothing else. Microsoft points the finger at Sony. Still, the core Fortnite experience appears to be intact, as we see players gliding onto the island, building structures, and shooting guns.