Kansas legislators advance bill to restore teacher tenure


House Bill 191, sponsored by Rep. Jim Gooch, R-Providence, would require doctors to sign off on an exam or prescription in real-time before the patient could get their eye glasses or contact lens from the growing number of online eye care companies. "It's important to me".

"Our activists have worked tirelessly to engage with citizens and lawmakers about the importance of passing these measures into law". The state is at least $41 billion short of the money required to pay benefits over the next 30 years. The bill wouldn't require districts to hire unlicensed teachers, but does give them the option. Under the proposal, a 1.5 percent cost of living adjustment would be restored in 20 years.

"The reality is, I'm saving the pension system", Bevin said.

A bill to stop child marriage in Kentucky is getting closer to becoming law.

"It is very important that we pass it clean and keep it that way so we can move it forward and send it to the governor as soon as possible", he said. However, members of the audience often interjected during the hearing. "Given the life-altering impact child marriage has on a young girl's life, any reduction is welcome news, but we've got a long way to go". They, instead, will trim some general fund budget programs, with Medicaid and social services possibly seeing cuts.

"You're the future, the future taxpayers of state of Wyoming", Rothfuss asked.

Because it appeared that the conference committee, which is split evenly between lawmakers from each chamber, was not going to agree to adopt a single model to pay for education, Burns said his compromise to try each model for one-half of the budget cycle was a reasonable middle ground.

Pollack, whose son said he agreed with President Donald Trump on arming some teachers, said the bill might not be flawless - but in this case, it's better than nothing.

No word yet on when the Senate will take up the budget legislation.

"I voted for pension reform" in 2013, he said. That plan created hybrid cash balance plans with 4 percent guaranteed returns. "It's beyond our control, has always been beyond our control, as to the timing when those are returned to us".

Lisa Alford, 53, is a retired teacher from Richmond with a middle school child.

While many teachers have negative things to say about the "union-busting" provisions in the bill, its passage earned praise from Americans for Prosperity-Florida.

"Essential and urgent improvements are needed especially because of new information contradicting industry assertions about the time frame for the development and deployment of driverless cars", the groups says.

Suggested amendments to the bill made by Democrats were not allowed because they had not been submitted in advance, which Bowen said is customary.

Afterward, the crowd chanted, "Vote them out".

A conference committee meeting on House Bill 4145 Tuesday morning started more than an hour late, but began with an announcement from Senate Finance Committee Chairman Craig Blair, R-Berkeley.