Fans Still Vow To See "A Wrinkle in Time" Despite Negative Reviews


"She's often like, 'Who dat?' to me, because I've been a little busy promoting this movie", she jokingly admitted. And at its core, that's what she delivered.

Based on Madeleine L'Engle's classic novel, A Wrinkle in Time sees a young girl go interplanetary to find her missing father. And some of the set and character designs in the final third of the film are fantastically creepy: a suburb where everyone dresses alike and bounces their balls in sync; a red-eyed devil played by Michael Pena that devolves into an easily-deconstructed marionette, an image that would've scarred me as a seven-year-old urchin. But the twist is, he's trapped in an alternate dimension by an evil force known only as the "It".

It's Meg's little brother, Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe), who introduces her to three celestial guides - Mrs. "We believe he is and the only one who can find him is you", replies Mrs. Which (Oprah Winfrey), another guardian-angel-like being, appears. Mrs.

I take no pleasure in saying this ...

Then, there's Calvin (Levi Miller).

So far in the franchise's history, all eight films - including the two spin-offs "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" and the Han Solo standalone movie - have been directed by white male filmmakers. Sometimes you have too much material to work with. The New York Times and Rolling Stone have both given the movie positive reviews.

Now if we can only get on her gift-giving list. "We're all sensitive. But it hits me hard, so this film saved me in that way a lot".

The movie is supposed to be an epic adventure, but instead it feels like a taxi ride to somewhere with attractive scenery in between. Adding to this, there was the confusion about what Mrs.

Oprah Winfrey in a scene from the film'The Color Purple, 1985
Getty Oprah Winfrey in a scene from the film 'The Color Purple', 1985

Mrs. Whatsit is clad for her part like the Statue of Liberty, while a third being, Mrs. And going to back to what you said about the book coming out in 1963 - Miss Madeleine [L'Engle], maybe she didn't fully know she was making a book that was so inclusive and so representative... but I feel she did a attractive job. "Let me try to help you out here".

Actor Mindy Kaling fits that bill.

Fans of the book, at least, should be pleased that the film doesn't change the story all that much.

This fantasy journey is firmly grounded by the compelling confident performance of Ms. Reid in her first (of many, no doubt) starring role. And when you start making choices that you have to put on film, that's when you start getting people, 'Well, that's not what I saw.

The next day at school, all of the teachers are gossiping about the disappearance of Meg's and Charles Wallace's dad. Storm Reid did a fantastic job, without question! The movie's marketing department may be banking on the magical ladies played by some show biz heavy-hitters. "It was the like the United Nations", says Storm Reid, about working on the film "A Wrinkle in Time". What Oprah's done with her power is just. Wonky CGI. Unresolved character arcs. It sounds about the best that anyone could do for a new mom! Who and Ms. Whatsit, but I am pretty sure I heard Charles Wallace call Oprah "Oprah", which makes sense. During her short speech at the screening, DuVernay also made mention of a similar project, The Neverending Story, and I remembered being equally confused and charmed by that particular flick as a child and as an adult. Personally, I wanted this movie to be incredible. The movie also led her to be the first-ever black female director to have a movie nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

"Well, I'm sitting right here next to Heather B., so I just want to modulate the emcee-ness here because you got a legend over here (pointing to Heather B.)..."

Fantasy meets quantum entanglement in Disney's latest, A Wrinkle in Time.