Celebrating International Women's Day in Milwaukee


She said International Women's Day is an opportunity for women's achievements in all fields of endeavours - from the political to the social - to be recognized and celebrated.

The observance falls on March 8. For example, in 2010, the International Women's Day the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) conveyed to the world's consideration, the physical and mental hardships uprooted ladies continue, because of outfitted clashes and helpful emergency.

Under this year's theme "Time is Now...", events around the world aim to capture the work done by activists. Just like the men who ask when International Men's Day is could do on International Men's Day for men, but generally don't. And the Aurat March that will be held in cities of Pakistan today is proof that Pakistani women are mobilising to highlight the issues they face and are calling for economic, reproductive and environmental justice.

Aotearoa New Zealand retains the honour of being the first nation in the world to grant votes to women; the country continues to perform well in global rankings for gender equality, making the top ten in a report by the World Economic Forum's on the issue a year ago. Yet, on nearly every measure of development, because of deep seated gender inequalities and discrimination, rural women fare worse than rural men or urban women, it said. The share of women with a college education now exceeds that of men in several Latin American and Caribbean countries and their productivity and contribution to GDP is increasing.

In 1975, the United Nations gave official notice to the International Women's Day and began sponsoring it. All women and girls - rich or poor, urban or rural, educated or illiterate - must be able to access the health services equally.

However, she pointed out the work that still needed to be done in this regard. The group is "asking men and women to send a #MessageToMySister". It's incredible how many other people will feel the same when exposed to social media.

She said this challenge is especially evident in the sphere of salary inequality between the genders, particularly in rural areas.

In 2017, in an effort to help close the wage gap, the United Kingdom began requiring all companies with 250 or more employees to submit gender pay gap data to the government. Now more than ever, people are ready to stand up for women's rights and let their voices be heard.

The pay gap has remained despite great performances from women's team, including reaching the World Cup final. George Grow was the editor.

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