'The Walking Dead' Finally Takes Out the Trash


Stalling involves bringing in the Garbage Pail Kids, circling back to Oceanside, and a lot of stale back and forth banter with Negan. With the fire still burning and the streets still lined with the dead, the two of them leave Alexandria and head toward The Junkyard. Guns to start, then their leader. In fact, he gives a whole speech about how the Saviors save people, and taking out whole communities is not what they do. We see a new person, and we're unsure of her future.

Rick doesn't read it yet, of course, because that would make too much sense and we're only like five minutes into this thing. Even if the latter summarizes the content of his conversation by walkie-talkie with Negan, what was it written exactly in the letter? Which, in that boardroom meeting, we start to see a little bit of Simon not necessarily agreeing with Negan, and Negan wondering why Simon is being such a pain in the ass. Just one, he is very clear. He is going to kill him. The idea enrages Negan.

Negan: 'What the hell are you doing Rick? He still wants to save as many people as possible.

Simon and company get to the Scavengers' complex, to find them armed to the teeth. Jadis apologizes as the saviors collect their weapons. It's now clear: The walkers were Jadis' people who were executed by Simon's men. Because Negan seemed pretty serious when he told Simon, "Killing everyone to solve the problem is the easy way, not our way". Then, he orders his men to kill all the scavengers, except Jadis.

Simon knows this, and he feels that Negan's campaign of intimidation is more like a damp squib.

Michonne (Danai Guriria) is first up, starting where last week left off with the two of them burying Carl, then slowly realizing that Alexandria's been overrun with zombies.

Michonne and Rick get to the Scavengers compound, but soon find themselves surrounded by walkers... That's his way of grieving.

Negan's pain and sadness at Carl's death is so evident that you nearly believe it. Michonne also considers his challenge but in a much more compassionate, intellectual way.

Rick is so not impressed by the story of Jadis and her hippie friends creating a shithole artist commune. However, she rejoined Rick's alliance in the seventh season midseason finale in an effort to overthrow the Saviors. Since she no longer has what he came for, Rick prepares a way out with Michonne. "Your grandmother got herself killed so don't make the same mistake", she said. This time, he chose to go visit the Scavengers, a trip which has consistently resulted in him getting betrayed-and once forced him to be a nude art model. I hope they have bigger plans for Jadis. In Negan's mind, enslaving local communities in a protection racket isn't an act of selfishness, it's an act of altruism. The death of her people was a shocking, and very pleasing, development. "I think Negan truly believes that if Rick had submitted and gone with the Saviors, Carl would still be alive".

On the list of all the major ways The Walking Dead TV series has diverged from the comic book series, the recent death of Carl Grimes will go down as one of the biggest. The only time the word "honor" was mentioned in the entire episode it was said by Siddiq and that pissed me off because if anyone was to say that to Carl it should've been Rick. If this happens, it could mean more trouble for Rick. Rick, still rightfully full of rage and sadness over Carl's death, bites back, "The only future is one where you're dead!" Carl would have saved Jadis, but Rick doesn't really care. Simon tells them to relax. Between Aaron's Oceanside gambit and Simon's sure-to-backfire massacre, it appears that the walkers would be best served to look elsewhere for brains. Plus, Negan sent a group to negotiate an apology from Maggie. Negan rules with fear, Rick runs on justice (most of the time). Both sides need to regroup and leaders need to remind everyone why it's vital to fight.