'The Bachelor' Finale Features An Excruciatingly Awkward (And Long) Break Up Scene


"I know that you've gone through hell, but I came here today because I want a second chance and I want a shot at this", Luyendyk told her, explaining that it was a look of doubt in Burnham's eye in Peru that made him choose Kufrin in the finale. He revealed that they had spoken on the phone before but this was their first time seeing each other since the breakup/proposal day. The most obvious way it could have been different is that Arie could have broken up with Becca off camera. She talked to his parents, who both pointed out that they had met Lauren.

Arie's decision weighed heavy on his guilt-ridden heart.

Lauren leaves and now it's Becca's turn... but we still have an hour left of the show, so you know something wild is about to go down.

Though Christensen, a lifelong Savage resident, said he's not a die-hard fan, he watched bits of episodes and read recaps to keep tabs on Prior Lake's Becca Kufrin, who was a contestant on the season. "Because of that, my love for you is immeasurable", said Arie before taking a knee and proposing to Becca. "Absolutely [I trust him with my heart]".

Unfortunately I'm becoming more and more cynical and Tuesday night did nothing to change that.

The date with Becca starts with a downpour, which may or may not be foreshadowing.

When Arie called off his engagement to Becca, she didn't only lose her fiance - she lost the bright future she had envisioned for herself as a wife and eventual mother. He then ended his engagement to Kufrin and asked his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, to take him back.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. couldn't decide between two women on the "Bachelor" finale Monday night, but apparently he had a third choice in mind too.

A number of people decided that they would give Becca a little bit of money so that she could get a good drink after that bad breakup that happened on Monday night's finale; all of those donations added up, and as of Tuesday night there was a lot of money that she stood to gain.

“I get it. Its a TV show, ” tweeted Trista Sutter, who starred as the first Bachelorette in 2003. "I've made a decision to call off the engagement and break up with Becca". It seems Chris Harrison and the producers overstepped their bounds here in the matchmaking process.

"I'm really not a "Bachelor" watcher normally", said Christensen.

She added, "Yeah arie was probably being friendly but guess what I DON'T CARE HAHAHA". We saw Becca warn him "don't touch me", and we saw him continue to dejectedly follow her around, oblivious to her wishes. It was an emotional evening, but apparently, the flawless one for him to propose!

She also knew that Arie contacted Lauren around the time of the premiere, something she may have thought would bring closure. Becca, already proving to be a good sport, even hopped on Bradley the horse in her sparkly gold gown with a rather high slit up the side.

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