Grand jury to consider school shooting evidence


The students say they want stricter policies in these high stress situations.

Rose previously had said he would not allow students to walk out of classes, and they would get unexcused absences for doing so.

Greenville County Schools is taking the position that whatever happens March 14 at campuses around the county will be "student determined and student led" within parameters the district sets.

"We've been practicing lock down drills since we were in preschool", said Staton.

The four students who heard the comment all told the deputy that they believe the 14-year-old "was joking around".

While what qualifies as "disruptive" will vary by context, courts have typically held that students have the right to wear expressive clothing that doesn't target fellow students or disrupt class.

Haverhill High joins many schools across the state and nationwide for the impromptu day of remembrance, which falls on the one month anniversary of the school shooting. They held signs that read, "Enough is enough" to protest gun violence evidenced by the shooting tragedies such as the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida and previous shootings such as Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Las Vegas and Columbine.

Mr. Davino's statement was as follows, "The high school administration has been in constant and close discussion, working with representatives of student government to walk a very cautious line allowing opportunity for expression while providing the critical safe environment we are so concerned about".

"We're just looking for regulated control, we're not looking to ban guns, we're not looking to take away your guns". Outside of school, students enjoy essentially the same rights to protest and speak out as anyone else. I feel it can be done in a safe manner with a couple of police officers.

Finally, on March 24, some of the students will make the trip to Washington to walk in the nationally planned "March for Our Lives".

Rep. Cynthia Stafford, a Democrat, called it a unsafe policy that could disproportionately impact students of color who might be mistaken for shooters. "We have a vision of the future that is better than the present of today". "Protection of minority viewpoints and listening to other viewpoints with an open mind are really important skills for a school to teach its students", said Glenberg. Given that 92 percent of American teens go online daily and 24 percent are online nearly constantly, monitoring programs can operate like listening devices that record every utterance and pass it on to school administrators.

Another school president urged applicants and students to do more than protest. Contrary to your email, our staff will not be participating in the walkout.

Newark Charter as an institution isn't endorsing the activity, but is allowing students to participate, Ramadan said.

"I keep hearing the conversations", Carlomagno said, adding that she was reassured about safety measures at Walton after two "code red" drills were conducted last week.