Oregon Immigrants, Advocates Rally In Salem For Dream Act


Well, that won't happen thanks to the intervention by federal courts which nullified the deadline set by Trump, but it does signify inaction according to Congressman Dan Newhouse of the 4th congressional district.

On Monday, he once again blamed Democrats and claimed they are "nowhere to be found on DACA".

Melanie Phillips, English senior, said the protesters aimed to remind people that while the March 5 deadline did not mark any significant changes, there are still problems which need to be solved.

Demonstrations have taken place in major cities across the United States in support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme that protects young undocumented immigrants from deportations. In front of City Hall on Monday, Mayor Sam Liccardo recognized how the voices of so many young people were pressing for a DACA resolution.

In September, Trump said he was ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program but gave Congress six months to develop a legislative fix. Or better yet, why is any trade-off necessary when public support for keeping the Dreamers in this country is so high?

In the Senate, Democrats and Republicans worked together to come up with several bipartisan bills, in which both sides made hard concessions.

DACA is a government program to defer deportation for individuals born after June 15, 1981, who came to the U.S. before age 16, and who meet several other guidelines. That essentially muted the March 5 deadline that Trump had set for the program, and Dreamers whose DACA permits expire can still submit applications to renew their protected status.

On its website, the Federation for American Immigration Reform tells readers about the "myths" of DACA.

Many DACA recipients are anxious about their future. Attempting to do this, especially if it's not bipartisan could well result in voters who care about this issue gaining a more favorable stance towards either party & specific lawmakers involved. "Despite some reprieve from the courts, more and more Dreamers are losing status each day", said Murphy. It's not only time that we as a country reject this tradition, it's time that our legislators do so as well.

Soglin said 50 percent of the Wisconsin's dairy workers are undocumented immigrants and they hold the state's economy in their hands.

The deadline that was initially imposed from the White House for Congress to act on DACA is upon us, but lawmakers have failed to come up with a deal for the hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients affected by this unique immigration policy.

Rallies were held across the country in support of "dreamers", the name given to those who would have qualified under the DREAM Act. "Rewarding people who violate our laws only encourages more people to become lawbreakers".

Ana Bautista has been on DACA for eight years. It is with this spirit that we will continue the fight. "Still, March 5 has urgency and it's such an important moment here and throughout the entire country for us to take action and continue to remind people that we can not have this arbitrary deadline as to how and when DACA will end". Talk about this with your friends & family. As long as the Democrats refuse to concede on some point - or in other words, simply practice politics as we once did - they will be seen as the obstructionists. Don't let anyone be thrown back into the shadows.