Laursen: UK responds to gun violence while United States legislators bicker


We can not and should not accept tactics by the NRA that blame media or justify tragedies as abstractions.

'These kids are speaking up and they won't stand for the continued inaction on reasonable gun control.

I hope we listen carefully to these young people, who are our future, and consider their call for a ban on assault weapons. Possibly, the only democracy where that is the rule is the U.S.

I am aware that the greater majority of gun owners in the USA are law abiding citizens who would most likely not use their weapons in destructive ways.

People under both systems enjoy natural rights.

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There is no objection to people owning guns for safety or sport. Just as our first amendment rights are not unlimited, the second amendment right is not unlimited. "Bring in gun owners and non-gun owners alike who will staunchly defend the Second Amendment, but also accept the fact that it needs to be updated to be compatible with 21st-century life".

Over the past two weeks, major players across corporate America have publicly distanced themselves fromgun makers and their lobbyists.

State legislatures across the country are considering new restrictions or expansions of gun rights in the aftermath of the mass shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school in February, setting a frenetic pace in a debate that appears stymied in status quo in Washington. The Mounties preceded settlers in the Canadian West, and there was no frontier in England or France. And it means this time period is crucial for gun control activists who want to keep this conversation going.

Laws being proposed in Tallahassee would make it harder to buy a gun But the black market, Hathcock says, will be easy access for people to get what they want. Background checks that are already required by the federal government.

Congressman Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania stated that while mental health plays a role in some mass shootings there's usually another cause. That is so impossible that it must be recognized as a tactic.

"We offer our deepest sympathies to those affected by the shooting and to the residents of Florida", College Republicans President Lauren Bourgeois said. This is nothing less than a full-scale revolt against the NRA's gun absolutism.

There's no question the public has once more become engaged with the gun issue following the Parkland tragedy. But people crack; someone doesn't have to have a criminal record to be the next killer behind a gun. How are we allowing someone to have even the slightest ability to do that? How could students find solace in the people they are supposed to look up to and learn from, in an environment that is supposed to be nurturing, if they see a black mass strapped to their teacher's waist, loaded with bullets that could potentially take a classmate's life? That is almost enough guns for every man, woman and child in the country. Others are opposition to abortion and same sex marriage.

Congressional inaction, however, when combined with the political distractions coming from the White House, have given me a renewed sense of optimism about the ultimate outcome of this long struggle. Their elders clearly can not address the issue of guns and gun violence reasonably, nor are they willing to turn their backs on, or close their purses to, one of the most powerful groups of lobbyists in America.

The ultimate resolution of the gun issue would signal an historic change in how Americans view society and the government. It may only come at the point of a gun in Parkland, Florida, or your hometown.