Putin threats 'unacceptable', warns North Atlantic Treaty Organisation


Putin boasted of nuclear-capable weapons in service and in development that include an underwater drone and a low-flying cruise missile, both of which were showcased in his almost two-hour speech to lawmakers and other senior officials, complete with a montage of computer animation and launch footage. In addition to its newer hybrid warfare tactics, Russian Federation has proved increasingly adept at combining the use of drones, electronic warfare and more conventional heavy artillery to lethal effect against Ukrainian forces using more traditional Western equipment and tactics. USA attempts to build missile shields - and it was the United States all this was aimed at - would be rendered futile.

The regional leader of the province of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, proposed calling the nuclear-powered cruise missile "Palmyra" after the historic heritage site in Syria that was taken back from Isil under Russian air cover. It was Ronald Reagan's Star Wars all over again, plus PowerPoint.

The spat came as relations between the powers lie frozen at levels not seen since the Cold War over the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria and accusations that Moscow interfered in the U.S. presidential election in 2016. So like unscrupulous politicians everywhere, he conjured up a foreign threat: Amerika.

While Mr Putin's speech did not reveal much that was new, Professor Muraviev said it was significant for its "visuals and its language".

"You will have to assess that new reality and become convinced that what I was said today isn't a bluff", he said. "Other countries also have tried but apparently so far have failed to make them, and we succeeded thanks to new materials".

The Trump Administration interprets Russian statements and actions over the past several years, including its annexation of Crimea and military incursions into eastern Ukraine, as requiring a stronger U.S. nuclear deterrent. Putin tells Kelly that Russia will respond with nuclear weapons under two conditions - if anyone attacks Russia with nuclear weapons, aaaaaand ... if anyone attacks Russia with anything else, too. "They are also rather hard to bring into the arms-control framework", he told RFE/RL. Key treaties are bypassed or broken.

Russian Federation and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation are escalating a war of words that could quickly devolve into an worldwide arms race.

But Obama also accepted the Pentagon's view that the U.S. must update its arsenal. Both conventional and nuclear-tipped versions can be made, he said.

But countering missile defence seems to be at the heart of Russia's thinking.

The U.S. has consistently argued that missile defense systems in Europe aren't aimed at Moscow, but instead created to defend against threats from Iran, North Korea and rogue threats. "Russian Federation will only retaliate if it is attacked". He presented what he claimed was a new class of invincible nuclear weapons. The first is a nuclear attack against us.

On Friday afternoon, the Defense Ministry's press service reported that it had received over 63,000 proposals of names for new weapons in just 24 hours, both from Russian Federation and foreign countries.