Teen arrested after making threats to Sayre High School


Woodbury police say they have located two juveniles they believe made social media threats involving East Ridge High School.

A Hempfield High School student was charged Thursday after a dispute with another student at the school, according to police.

The Snapchat post was sent out at about 5 a.m. SPD officers located the senior at school.

And in Plattsmouth, school was canceled Wednesday because of a pair of threats, one of which was deemed credible.

While most have proven unsubstantiated, in the Los Angeles-area community of South Whittier, sheriff's deputies last week found a cache of guns at the home of a student who allegedly had been overheard saying he meant to carry out a shooting at the school.

The country's focus must remain on the work that has begun in addressing school shootings and school safety and security.

Police were stationed at every school in the district, and the schools were placed under soft lockdowns, as police investigated the threat to determine its credibility and its source, the release said.

Information provided in this report has been obtained from area authorities, including but not limited to local police, fire and emergency dispatch officials.

Northeast became aware of the threat after other students reported it, and Lincoln police are praising them tonight saying they did the right thing. Police and school leaders questioned everyone involved. Law enforcement determined that the threat was directed at Belen High School in New Mexico.

Another post targeted Lindale Middle School and put staff and parents on high-alert.

"We take this very seriously", school police Capt. Ken Young said Thursday.

As a precaution, Gervais School District issued a "lockout" on its campus, meaning no one would be allowed to come and go from the schools without the approval of the principal or law enforcement.

She said administrators told them to have a parent check them out, but Cabot said that's not always an option if your parents are working.

But this message didn't assuage all parents' fears.