Gisin returns from crash to win gold in Olympic combined


No matter what happens, Vonn has said she would like to win six more titles to beat the current record of 86, held by Swedish skier Jan Ingemar Stenmark. Vonn finished the Games with one bronze, in the downhill.

Vonn and her father reunited previous year following the death of her grandfather - who was firmly in the American's thoughts going into the Games. Where to turn? The answer was unfortunate for Vonn - she muffed a turn in the slalom portion and her race was over early - but fortunate for viewers who could switch to the hockey game just in time. To say her skiing résumé is long and distinguished would be an understatement.

It's the second time Switzerland has placed two women on the podium of the Alpine combined event at the Winter Games.

Jamanka's time was 3 minutes, 22.45 seconds over four runs.

That same year, her Olympic journey was chronicled in an NBC documentary.

Norway overcame a poor performance in the ski jumping section to take the silver medal, 52.7 seconds behind the Germans, and Austria claimed the bronze. Shiffrin offered the United States hope for a bright future even as a legend faded away without a full challenge in her final race.

Vonn has dedicated these Olympics to her grandfather, Don Kildow, who died in November. With 10 still to ski, the leader was Petra Vlhova of Slovakia, definitely more of a slalom skier.

Earlier in the evening, Vonn dominated the downhill portion of the ladies' alpine combined; her 1:39.37 time almost a full second better than her competitors. Competing in what she says will be her final Olympic Games, Vonn is now sitting in first place in the combined event which could put her on the podium a second time at these Games.

"I'm really happy it was enough for third place and now to celebrate with Michelle, it's insane", said Holdener, who also captured a silver in the slalom at the Pyeongchang Games. The thing I've learned the most the last couple years is that as soon as I let my brain get ahead of me, where I'm actually at, things start to go downhill.

In the men's ski halfpipe, American defending champion David Wise kept his nerve despite crashing out of his first two runs to seal a gripping victory on the final attempt. Shiffrin is first by a wide margin. However, right from her first event, Shiffrin showed that she wasn't one to mess with by finishing on top.

Vonn then paused ever so briefly to look around the finish area. Ramona Siebenhofer, in fourth, may be the one to watch as Shiffrin's greatest competition. But competing with the context surrounding her adds a whole new weight to the 2018 Games, whether it's her last run or not. Shiffrin came in sixth at 1.98sec. I was lucky that it wasn't so bad because I just had a little headache so that's totally OK.

It is a perspective that every World Cup skier on that insane, globe-trotting circuit carries with her.