Teen views: What does Valentine's Day mean to you?


Baked at home, the HeartBaker makes the Valentine's Day celebration about spending time with the people you love versus cooking an elaborate meal.

The Bronx Zoo offers several packages.

There is only one thing that can unify the excited couples steeped in pink heart decorations and the nauseated eye-rollers on Valentine's Day: chocolate.

If you think this thinly disguised approach doesn't really fit your situation, though, there's another option: Instead of choosing a straight-up fitness band, choose a smartwatch that also has fitness features. There is nothing better than sharing common interests with the one person you love the most. The exclusive range of Valentine's Day Gifts is full of wonderful selections for people to explore and shop online for beloved.

Number 5 on CNET's list is BitCoin. More than 1 million cards are exchanged during the Valentine Day. He always makes her white paper roses and gets her chocolates and my siblings help make them a card. This is a great tool for parents to put in their teen's vehicle, but having someone track your every move is not the most romantic way to show someone you care. This Valentine's Day I made some chocolate hearts to give. Other affordable options include gift cards, books, or a book of coupons, which allows couples to celebrate their affection all year long.

It's finally here! That day of the year when the feeling of "love" is celebrated across the globe, is just a few hours away. This is the day to shower her with lots of love for all the times she loved you without expecting anything in return.

If you don't have plans on Valentine's Day, or want to do something different with your partner, or your pals, consider volunteering for a local charity or cause. In Brazil, we have a different holiday for couples to celebrate, and since moving to the USA, I had never been in a relationship during the month of February. Once the animals had been sacrificed, young women would line up to be whipped with the hides of the animals because they believed it would make them fertile. However, I do like surprising others when I get the chance. These special days also give people the reason to put a smile on someone's face by sending them the love packed in a handsome gift.

So, as I spend another day here at Gannon celebrating my gals, I will actually be thinking of someone else. Have a happy valentine's day! Whether it be by fully embracing the "Treat Yo 'Self" attitude (thank you, "Parks and Recreation", for that iconic episode) or sending a Candygram to a friend on campus, everyone deserves to be reminded of the impression they have left on someone's heart.