A Newly Discovered iOS Bug Can Crash Your iPhone


Apple devices running the latest version of its mobile operating, iOS 11.2.5, as well as Macs, are at risk from the bug, which also disables access to iMessages.

Apple has told developers that new apps submitted by April should embrace the iPhone X's notch and almost bezel-less display. The company will continue to update its software annually, but internally engineers will have more discretion to push back features that aren't as polished to the following year.

From the new Control Center to app-to-app drag and drop, iOS 11 offers enhanced features and functionality for IPhone and iPad users.

If the character, is received or pasted into iMessage, the app will crash, potentially taking the backend software that runs the iOS home screen with it.

There's a new iOS bug in town, and - like so many times before - it appears to be fairly easy to exploit. So let's take a deeper look at the matter.

Receiving the character will cause iOS Springboard to crash, and the app will fail to start again as it keeps trying to (unsuccessfully) load the character.

But a new bug, first discovered by Mobile World and verified by The Verge, could be the most annoying yet. To fix the problem yourself, you somehow have to get into the app that crashed and remove the message with the character.

In some situations, if the character is viewed through an iOS notification, it can cause the entire device to crash. This means that the issue is well spread out across the ecosystem.

It merits mentioning here that iOS 11.3 already has a fix for the problem since all available betas of iOS 11.3 are protected against this.

Apple informed the developers about the mandate on February 15.

This is all for now, folks. It's strikingly similar to the so-called ChaiOS bug from January in which a single link on iMessage was able to crash the app and force some phones to restart.