Akshay Kumar says PadMan is already a hit for him


At one point, his mother found three dozen used sanitary pads he had collected as part of his research. After several attempts, his irate wife refuses to be a part of his experiments. The 45-year-old shared an adorable picture of the twins and wrote alongside: "I can't thank the universe enough for giving my mother and me the most attractive gift ever..."

Lakshmi doesn't give up. Making periods and pads drawing room conversation. While lead actor Akshay Kumar has been promoting "Pad Man" aggressively at live events, Radhika, who plays his on-screen wife, is not being able to join him. Meanwhile, he starts distributing sanitary pads among the women in his village but faces rejection from everyone. "Akshay gets fully into the role while trying to get in touch with the "feminine" side of him, with some nice strokes: he is the film, in a sense, and he is both earnest and likeable enough, even if he is in familiar do-good mode, and even if we wish his women looked his age". Today many women are willing to share their experiences about menstruation and their need for hygiene more openly, without feeling conscious that the men listening in.

Then on it is a gripping story. The news was doing the rounds that the PadMan team has suppressed the promotions of Phullu but every film has its own fate. The story of a man on a mission who broke all social taboos has been garnering attention on social media.

I have been naïve to the kind of struggles that women in our country have had to go through.

Producer Twinkle Khanna and actor Akshay Kumar with the real Arunachalam Muruganantham on the set of Pad Man

Interacting at the session, Padman lead actor Akshay kumar lauded the producer of the movie and her wife Twinkle khanna for selecting such important topic. I have learnt a lot from Twinkle. She quipped, "I could have given birth to third child in that period!"

Twinkle definitely inspired me to be a part of something like this, through making me aware of Arunachalam's story as well as the issues around menstruation which I sadly had no awareness of. To me, feminism is about women having equal opportunities right from the time when they are in the womb and not killed till the time when they have education, social and employment opportunities, and that for me is feminism. Nothing can stand in her way! Also, R Balki (director) has skillfully made sure that nothing in the film will be discomforting aside from the fact that we are addressing the taboo subject in a completely unapologetic manner. Her character has been beautifully etched, perhaps to balance Radhika's naive and self-destructive female character. This is bringing a change in the mindset. Apart from Akshay, Radhika and Sonam's honest performances, what really drives this film are a series of convenient co-incidences, which, we felt, were crucial, as they smoothly help you to move on from one chapter to the other. We also understand Akki's character here. Many women do not know how to properly care for themselves while menstruating, how to take care of hygiene and prevent infections while on their period. But he kept on going as deep down he knew the little triggers would help him to create much bigger and impactful shockwaves. "I never thought a film will be made on my life and my work". "I also hope that men feel courageous enough to join the conversation, because their opinions and attitudes are just as important! I was constantly chasing him to speak from wherever I was, and this one time, whilst I was in England, he finally answered my call", Khanna recalled to India-West. "It is an entertaining film, and people will not feel uncomfortable while watching it with their families". She pointed out that the market was largely controlled by multi-nationals. She told Balki, "My husband engages in an argument with my mother-in-law every month as she still stops me from entering the kitchen premises or touching the pickle".

"We want to create a conversation about periods in households across the country, whether it's in the vehicle or over the kitchen table", she asserted to India-West. After all - if nothing changes, how will anything change?