Flu death toll rises to 91 in Pa.


"When people get to the extremes of ages, around 80 years old, often times they don't respond really well to the flu shot and they still get it". Even though the flu season runs through May, Fischer says the number of hospital admissions due to the flu has almost quadrupled over the entire previous season.

While federal health officials several weeks ago hinted this year's flu outbreak might be reaching its peak, infection rates still were rising as of late last week. S.W.in Wise; Scott County Health Department at 190 Beech St., Gate City Tuesdays through Friday; and the Lee County Health Department, 134 Hill St., Jonesville, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. That information comes from death certificates which can take months for the department to receive.

Twenty-six flu-related deaths were reported last week in Pennsylvania, bringing the total to 91 for the season.

From 120 to 2,000 die from complications of flu, according to estimates, the website states.

More than 500 lab-confirmed cases of the flu have been reported in Oswego County this year.

Factor in the flu as a contributing cause of death, and that number grows by 32.

According to a report from Austin Public Health, 29 influenza deaths have been recorded in Travis County as of February 5. As of February 5, influenza and pneumonia have been linked as a factor in 837 deaths in Kansas. Anyone can get the flu year round, although flu activity tends to be the highest from December-March.

No wonder. The flu season is the worst in almost a decade. In 2009, that percentage peaked at 7.7 percent.

"Local public health is always the backup", she said. Kinsa monitors the flu by tracking fever spikes through its thermometers.

As the season continues and is lasting so long Dr. Wheeler hopes more people will go and get vaccinated.

Bassett says the vaccine has been 30 percent effective in the past.

According to the North Carolina Influenza Surveillance Summary, at the beginning of January, about 3% of hospital visits were from people reporting influenza-like illness.

Officials say Influenza A (H3) is the strain of flu that is more common this season.