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Its first uncrewed test flight is scheduled for Tuesday between 1:30 pm and 4 pm ET at at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Not only will it be a tremendous milestone for SpaceX and private spaceflight, it will also be the first time anyone tries to land multiple rocket boosters at the same time, and definitely the first time anyone's ever gratuitously shot a vehicle into orbit.

The SpaceX engineering team has an almighty task at hand with the Falcon Heavy launch, with confirmation that it will attempt another major first: a triple rocket landing.

On board will be Musk's first ever Tesla sports auto which will then be sent on a 400 million km to Mars.

SpaceX's Elon Musk also runs the electric carmaker Tesla.

Usually there are things like steel or concrete slabs or mundane experiments on test flights.

From there the Roadster will head towards Mars, on a precessing Earth-Mars elliptical orbit, traveling at about 11 km per second in speed.

Musk even went on to say he would consider it a "win" if the rocket makes it far away enough from the NASA launch pad for a possible explosion to cause any damage.

On the eve of the launch, Musk said that he's at peace with whatever happens. So in a bit of cross-marketing, he's put his own cherry-red Tesla Roadster on the Heavy's inaugural flight. While Falcon 1 was completely on the SpaceX tab, Falcon 9 benefited from the company's contracts with NASA for space station shipments.

"It looks like BFR development is moving quickly, and it will not be necessary to qualify Falcon Heavy for crewed spaceflight", he said, a point he emphasized later in the call.

The launch later on Tuesday at Kennedy Space Center has been in the pipeline since 2013.

Like other rockets, the Falcon 9 launches from sites near the ocean, so when the first-stage booster falls back to Earth there's nothing beneath it but open sea. For more background, check out SpaceX's press kit for the launch.

Rachel Villain, the leading space consultancy Euroconsult stated, "These satellites are over six tonnes, knowing that the capacity of the rocket is eight tonnes to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) - if it is fully reused". The new rocket boasts three Falcon 9 boosters, each sporting 9 Merlin engines, giving Falcon heavy a total of 27 engines and more than five million pounds of thrust.

This probability is increased when a powerful, new rocket is being tested for the first time - especially one with a whopping number of engines and massive amounts of fuel.

"[The auto will] get about 400 million km away from Earth, and it'll be doing 11km/s", he told reporters in a briefing on Monday. That system was unveiled by Musk at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico in September 2016 and updated at the same conference a year later in Australia.

For the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX had to develop a way to strap the boosters together, as well as a way to detach the boosters from each other after launch.

Mr Musk has emphasised the difficulties in getting the Falcon Heavy ready for its maiden outing.