Mario Kart Tour Coming to Mobile Phones in March of 2019


Exactly how close it will stick to the current Mario Kart formula is unclear, too. In all other senses, Mario Kart Tour could look and feel the same as numerous Mario Karts we've enjoyed over the years. But Mario Kart could be even bigger.

What Is Mario Kart Tour?

Nintendo has made several blockbuster announcements today with a lot of new things coming within the next 365 days. In a tweet shared yesterday, Nintendo wrote "The checkered flag has been raised and the finish line is near".

Nintendo has announced its next mobile game, and it'll be based on the company's long-running Mario Kart franchise.

This was announced by Nintendo earlier and according to the company, is scheduled for a release in the fiscal year ending in March 2019.

Mario Kart has possessed wireless multiplayer since the original DS, and we expect this feature to return with the release of Tour. The Legend of Zelda - the iconic series - has a cult following among fans. Players can play these games by paying its subscription charge.

Nintendo will likely announce more details on the upcoming game as the release date approaches.

It's easy to predict Mario Kart Tour will be a major hit amongst mobile gamers, but if it costs money to play, it may have an uphill battle to fight.

In recent years, Nintendo did an about-face to its past policy of shunning smartphone games, and has scored success in that sector as well.

The home console, which can be on a television or on-to-go thanks to its in-built six-inch touchscreen and detachable Joy Con controllers, has seen enormous demand.

And Nintendo can expect to sell even more thanks to an incredible new deal available at Argos. If the company is going to maintain the excitement and high sales around its Switch, it will need a well-timed stream of new games and add-ons for the console that will keep users interested. This means that the Switch has already outsold its predecessor, the Wii U, in just ten months on sale.