Schumer pulls back offer for Trump's border wall in new immigration push


DACA is set to phase out officially by March, and with President Donald Trump's draconian Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chomping at the bit to expel more people from the country, their futures are in a terrifying legal limbo.This is part of the reason for last week's shutdown: Democrats refused to authorize funding without a permanent fix for the DREAMers.

Schumer first made the offer on Friday during a meeting with Trump at the White House, part of negotiations to avert a government shutdown.

The Sen. Chuck Schumer/Democrat Party three-day government shutdown ended in a whimper Monday as the Senate voted 81-18 to end it.

Including funding for a border wall in immigration reform talks could push away liberal Democrats from supporting long-term funding, but attract conservative Republicans to getting behind a deal.

Sanders reiterated that the president wants to see "at a minimum, in this first phase ... four principles addressed", those being border security, an end to chain migration and the diversity visa lottery, and an amnesty for DACA recipients.

The White House plans on Monday to unveil a framework for immigration legislation that it believes can pass muster with both parties.

Senate Democrats agreed to reopen the federal government this week because they had reached an understanding with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on how to move forward with an immigration debate.

"Ultimately, the President is going to need to get on board in order for the House to vote on it", Republican Sen.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the Flake-Graham-Durbin immigration agreement was "totally unacceptable to the President and should be declared dead on arrival", in a press briefing on January 23.

"As I have always said, once the Government is funded, my administration will work toward solving the problem of very unfair illegal immigration", President Donald J. Trump (R) said in a statement after singing a continuing resolution to fund the government.

That has made February 8 the next pressure point for reaching an immigration deal. GOP senators even said Schumer indicated he could offer a much larger sum toward both the border wall and a border security package.

Cornyn said Schumer had promised $25 billion for the wall and other border security measures, though not all of that would have been immediate funding.

"I think the House will have an independent vehicle", the second official said.

Yet, we are a long way from a good result on DACA issues.

But for a lot of Republicans - especially in the House - any pathway to possible citizenship is a non-starter, as many GOP lawmakers say will not accept anything that looks like "amnesty".

"We can not let those who are anti-immigrant, who call giving the Dreamers hope 'amnesty, ' block us". In mobilizing raw nativism, Trump and the Republican leadership underscored the extent to which they are hogtied by their party's right-wing extremists.

"It would be far cheaper to erect a 50-foot concrete statue of a middle finger and point it towards Latin America, because both a wall and the statue would be equally offensive and equally ineffective", the IL lawmaker said on Twitter.

In the squabble to come, however, Democrats and some Republicans seeking protection for the so-called dreamers have an advantage in the polls over immigration hardliners. He also said it's "frustrating" that despite the bipartisan support DACA has in polling, Trump wants to attach "some idiotic demand" to legislation in Congress like "the world's dumbest wall". Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who was working to bring together a new bipartisan group of senators to reach an agreement.