Amazon opens its first fully automated supermarket


Many in-store display screens have cameras built in, so in addition to providing messaging to shoppers, they also can capture demographics of who is actually seeing those messages.

But it isn't done yet and one of its most audacious projects launches today in Seattle, Washington, the home of its headquarters. Clearly, the Go store is a step up from the self-checkout system that other retailers practice.

Shoppers with the Amazon Go app on their phones can enter the store, choosing items from the shelves while being watched by cameras. You will be sent the receipt and your Amazon account will be charged soon afterward.

In theAmazon Go store, you just walk through the aisle picking up the stuff you want and leave.

The big question: will it work?

Amazon Go works using advanced machine learning tech the company has already showcased in demonstration videos.

This technology can detect when products are taken or returned to the shelves and keeps track of them in your virtual cart.

And this gets even more complicated in a real-world environment. The company originally planned to open the Seattle location of Amazon Go to the public early previous year.

Referring to two Starbucks drinks that are almost identical, she added, "If you look at these products, you can see they're super similar". The inside of the store is just like any other, with products you can buy all over the place.

By combining computer vision and machine learning algorithms, Amazon's AI-based system heralds another big change for the retailer which bought high-end supermarket chain Whole Foods Market a year ago.

To remove human cashiers Amazon has created a store that's able to run a high-level of surveillance on the people inside it. The New York Times reports hundreds of cameras are placed around the store. "The system is very accurate", Kumar said. Not surprisingly, some are questioning whether this is related to Amazon's ownership and control of the company.

In addition to grocery essentials like bread and milk, the new Amazon Go store also stocks artisan cheeses and locally made chocolates.

Customers will check in to the Amazon Go store through a unique QR code generated by the Amazon Go app.

Amazon Go could continue the strategy of expanding Amazon's physical retail presence, but at a much lower cost per location. The technology behind it has been tested for one year.

"Amazon Go is not a beta", he said.

In many ways, it's similar to any other convenience store.