YouTube intorduces new, stricter requirements for partners


9 times out of 10, those came from channels which were doing as little work as possible to get their accounts approved for monetization, and then uploading the harmful content.

The changes have garnered a mixed reaction among current YouTube creators. One GeekDad writer has a video with over 4 million views but only 240 subscribers.

YouTube has updated its eligibility requirement for monetisation. Being that my original message to them was limited to 1,000 words I chose to reply to that email and add some additional thoughts. Meehan now sits at 139 subscribers and told Business Insider that sometimes he hits the watchtime goal, but sometimes he's under. Will it hurt the growth of small channels? I wouldn't think it's possible if I go by how [views] increase and decrease for myself.

Google's YouTube network on Tuesday announced stricter rules for video creators hoping to be compensated for their work, its latest reaction to criticism that it encourages increasingly risky and exploitive videos by enabling their creators to make money off viral videos. The previous metric was at least 10,000 aggregate views of the channel.

The new measure is Google's way of raising the standard for the YouTube Partner Program. Meehan told Business Insider that his month's projected revenue was €1.59 (£1.41). "They will allow us to significantly improve our ability to identify creators who contribute positively to the community and help drive more ad revenue to them (and away from bad actors)". I should have put the cameras down, stopped recording what we were going through... He has since been removed from the scheme and faces other restrictions on YouTube.

"There's no denying 2017 was a hard year, with several issues affecting our community and our advertising partners", YouTube vice president of display, video and analytics Paul Muret said in a blog post. Both criteria together makes less sense to him.

YouTube has been struggling with a lot of issues in the past several months, and most recently, its biggest issue has surrounded one of its biggest content creators - Logan Paul.

The display sparked outrage across the internet as it became YouTube's top trending video, and remained on the platform until Paul himself took it down.

YouTube sensation Logan Paul has spoken out about how he feels he should be given another shot by the public.

"Fuck YouTube for taking me out of the YouTube Partnership when I've been a partner for nearly 6 years", wrote another YouTuber on Twitter. Everything I've done on YouTube has been within the guidelines and rules. These newest changes appear to be a direct response to this. I've always been in "Good Standing", I create safe and family friend content about technology, and I've always been a believer in YouTube as a platform. Let us know down in the comments. My subs are so slow.