Nintendo France: EA to 'double down' on Switch this year


It will also include a "sizeable new scenario". The DLC pack will release in Spring.

Wave 2, will be on March 23, will introduce the battle character Blastoise along with a support set of Mew and Celebi.

Zoink Studio's incredibly gorgeous indie adventure title Fe, finally has a release date. You and a friend can team up and bust out of jail together, or you can work against one another, if you're feeling competitive.

You can think of Dragon Quest Builders as a story-driven Minecraft with the quirky characters, monsters and excellent music which the Dragon Quest series is renowned for. Both these games apart from being best sellers in their own right, also happen to be the highest rated games in history. The Switch version of the game will be called "Hyrule Warrior: Definitive Edition" and will include new outfits for Zelda and Link, which are based on their outfits from "Breath of the Wild", according to Kotaku. A new exclusive character will be added to the game for the Switch: Joy, a "Japanese computer whiz".

Tropical Freeze will still be playable either single-player or via local co-op.

Fe will bring a unique visual style of platform action to the Switch on the 16th February 2018, but this is another multi-platform release.

Mario is returning to the court in Mario Tennis Aces. The game will launch with different difficulty modes for those who want the experience, to those looking for a real challenge. The game will feature a variety of missions and boss battles. The free update will release for Super Mario Odyssey this February.

Don't know about The World Ends With You? Once you talk to him, you can choose to hide a balloon or find one.

Then there's the Find It mode, which tasks players to find these hidden balloons under the same amount of time.

Luigi won't come as a playable character, however. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is being ported over to the Switch.

The World Ends With You blends classic JRPG combat with music and rhythm games to create an experience that still feels innovative even now, 10 years after its original release on the DS. If you haven't completed the main campaign yet, you can follow along with our walkthrough, hopefully just in time for the update to arrive.

Anime-minded fans got some nuggets, with a port of Ys VIII and the new title SNK Heroines, both courtesy of NIS America.

The new Mario and Zelda games "were the AAA "tentpole" titles that helped move hardware, and are obviously the type of games that helps ease buying the decision for hardware", Ward explained.

Cooperative heist shooter Payday 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch, adding HD rumble and touchscreen controls.