Sen. Gardner Meets With AG Sessions Over Marijuana Policy


Marijuana activists want to know how the top federal prosecutor in MA will approach enforcement of the federal marijuana prohibition in light of the Trump administration's recent policy shift.

Since the executive branch has a constitutional responsibility for laws to be faithfully executed, Richardson said the administration could say "the amendment conflicts with their constitutional responsibilities".

Voters aged 65 and older were also largely against marijuana legalization, opposing it by a 50 to 41 percent margin, while Hispanic voters were divided 48 to 48 percent on the issue, according to survey results.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has reiterated his stance that marijuana use is still illegal, according to federal law and that there are "no safe havens". It has been renewed numerous times "so here is a track record" of Congress barring the Department of Justice from targeting medical marijuana programs, she said. "The kind of categorical relief sought by those engaged in state-level marijuana legalization efforts can only come from the legislative process". It discouraged the use of federal resources to enforce cannabis prohibition in jurisdictions whose own laws conflicted with federal law and encouraged a hands-off approach.

Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican who represents the 21st District in upstate NY, will be discussing U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions' decision to rescind an Obama-era policy that generally kept federal enforcement from interfering with states' marijuana sales with her colleagues and "reviewing whether any legislative solution would be necessary", a spokesman said. The order of the memos makes sense in that medical marijuana started making inroads among the states before recreational marijuana. As such, there is renewed eagerness by both medicinal and recreational marijuana advocates to shore up the industry's legal standing and the shock caused by the DOJ's move last week. Is the medical marijuana industry vulnerable?

Arkansas is one of 29 states where medical marijuana is legal.

Contrary to what many believe, marijuana laws continue to be enforced. And individuals in the state can grow as many as six plants and possess up to one ounce of weed. "We will continue to enforce local drug laws to keep our neighborhoods safe". And medical marijuana has been recognized as helpful in treating the effects of chemotherapy and easing the eye pressure associated with glaucoma. Former Reno reporter Brandon Rittiman, now a Colorado journalist, asked Trump during the campaign about the chance that his attorney general might try to crack down on marijuana. The fact that almost three-fifths of the states have legalized marijuana in some form explicitly shows that marijuana activity is not considered to be a serious crime, much less one that should be deterred through criminal prosecution.