Nintendo's Animal Crossing mobile game arrives next month


Rather than managing a town, Pocket Camp tasks players with managing a personalized campsite. But unlike the Happy Home Designer and the New Leaf this game is now not launching in the 3D platform.

After years, it seems we're finally getting the Animal Crossing game we've been waiting for.

Pocket Camp is free to play, but will feature "microtransactions" for players to unlock new features by spending real-world money, the website says. Decorations can be crafted by collecting a series of new items, such as bundles of wood, and sending an order to handyman alpaca Cyrus.

The Animal Crossing app game holds a lot of content, especially for something made for mobile devices. To get friends to visit your camp site, all you have to do is send them your in-game Player ID.

Aside from the building a camp concept, there are also things to explore like beach areas, rivers, and even an island. The game will be released sometime late next month, and you can pre-register for it at the link below. It's not used to just travel between locations in the game.

Another way to acquire items is shopping. Interactions with animal friends-new in this mobile experience-will challenge you to raise your friendship levels by completing requests and decorating your campsite with their favorite items. This time around the game focuses on a camping theme, although this is more glamping in my book.

Bells will be the main currency, but you can also use Leaf Tickets to speed up construction or purchases, as well as replace missing resources for crafting. If a player manages to level up their Friendship Level for one of their animal friends, he or she could visit the player's camper.

You can also go to the market place for furniture & clothing items to customize your character.

The smart device installment puts players into the shoes of a human camp manager trying to revamp a bare campsite into a trendy spot for animal villagers to visit.

The gameplay is a simplified version of the console's concept, do favors for one animal and getting something, like materials, to build an item for your camp.