Workplace protection must focus more on mental health


The way I like to think about a mental health concern is like a very bad muscle pull, in extreme cases you might need to take an anti-inflammatory and a pain killer but in most cases you need to rest it out and do physiotherapy to assist the muscle to regain its strength.

World Mental Health Day this year is focusing on mental health in the workplace and how we can support our colleagues.

TransferWise's head of people and environment, Rachel Lloyd, said mental health was still seen as "taboo".

In response to the findings, the foundation has published a guide for employers, including a check-list, on how to transform workplaces into mentally friendly environments.

Here are some ways organisations can promote mental health in the workplace which can benefit productivity by the WHO. The day is organized by the World Health Organization to increase awareness of mental health worldwide and mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has also taken the initiative to use the day to urge Government to reach out and work with small businesses and the self-employed to tackle the impact of mental health issues in the workplace. So for many who suffer from depression, disclosing their condition makes them feel vulnerable and they fear that they may lose their jobs or be the first to be selected during times of restructuring or retrenchment.

In August, YouGov was commissioned by Unum to carry out an online survey of 1,000 people with experience of mental health problems in work, and 1,000 people with line management responsibilities.

A number of people with a mental health diagnosis are out of work, but many of them could work if they had the right help and support.

"I managed to get through my mental health problems by surrounding myself with positive influences, and being able to talk through the issues with close friends and family".

That's why employers around the globe are turning to the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.

On Tuesday, the ACA will host a panel of students who hold executive positions of different organizations to discuss their experiences with mental health. Safe spaces can mean different things to different people, so don't be scared to ask your employees what they would like.

For those with mental health conditions, returning to work following an absence or periods of being unwell was necessary and beneficial for their own wellbeing. According to Cho, the objective of the event is to show how all kinds of students struggle with mental health and destigmatize the conversation surrounding it. This statement may surprise you, physical illness sure, we all will fall ill at some point but mental health.... He was recently quoted in the British Medical Journal saying there is a danger that awareness campaigns are making people "too aware" of mental health problems.

Guildford Cathedral lit up blue during Mental Health Awareness Day 2016.

He said Bangladesh lacked facilities to provide the patients with required assistance, adding: "We also do not have people to raise awareness about the issue".