Trump visits Puerto Rico with a puzzling message


"And we're going to have to wipe that out".

And San Juan's hospitals are faring far better than those in less populated areas, Santiago said: "What you are seeing around here, it's heaven compared to some people in the inland, in the mountains".

While some Puerto Ricans expressed appreciation for Trump's visit on Tuesday, others said they were frustrated with the pace of the recovery - and the tone of some of the president's remarks. "We are talking about life and death".

"That could give Trump the opening to become a party and get involved", said Bruce Markell, a professor at Northwestern University School of Law and a retired bankruptcy judge.

Earlier Tuesday, while leaving the White House, Trump said: "In Texas and in Florida we get an A-plus".

Before Maria hit, Puerto Rico already faced a 45 percent poverty rate, 10 percent unemployment, and the second-highest murder rate in the nation during 2016, according to the Times.

Mexico, which was recently hit by a devastating quake, has offered aid to United States' Puerto Rico, which is struggling to arrange for basic necessities for its citizens stranded there without electricity.

Nearly half of Puerto Rico remains without power and many have limited access to food and fresh water. Many crowded around him for cellphone photos as he handed out flashlights and tossed rolls of paper towels into the friendly crowd.

Unless Cruz adjusts this tactic for the future, Puerto Ricans would be wise to learn from the misfortune of San Juan and elect a governor who doesn't sacrifice her people for political gain.

"He wanted us to be here in the U.S. Virgin Islands to say very plainly and simply we are with you today, we will be with you tomorrow, we will be with you every day until the U.S. Virgin Islands comes all the way back", Pence told local officials.

Elmer Passapera, owner of Buen Provencho, said he hasn't been able to reach his family in Puerto Rico and wants to do something to help.

'I truly believe that they finally saw the connection, or the disconnect, between what they were hearing on the one hand and the reality of what is happening on the ground'. Shares of MBIA, Assured Guaranty and Ambac Financial Group all tumbled on USA markets. "The primary focus of the federal effort is to make sure the island is safe and that we're rebuilding the island".

But instead of distinguishing between Puerto Rico's financial crisis and its current humanitarian crisis, Trump chose to lord the island's debt problem over its head. 93% of the island is without electricity and there are also reported water shortages.

Before the storm, the island's government was in the midst of bitter negotiations with creditors to restructure a portion of its $73 billion in debt. A woman held up a sign reading, "You are a bad hombre" as the president's motorcade passed a damaged part of the island.

A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted in the midst of the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria revealed the president now has a 45 percent approval rating, up from two weeks ago, with 28 percent of those people strongly approving of his performance, while 54 percent disapprove.