GOP senators call on ATF for new bump fire stock guidance


Conservatives: What do you want to do?

The latest U.S. massacre, in which a lone man rained gunfire from a Las Vegas hotel window onto a country music concert below, killing 58 people, has again raised the issue of the country's lax gun regulation. In fact, it seems there is no way to predict when a gun owner will pack up a bunch of guns, book a hotel room overlooking an outdoor mass celebration, break out the windows of the hotel room and start firing away on a crowd of innocent people. But if gun control really means "people control", specifically insane people control, most Americans would agree.

Advocates for greater regulations on guns questioned the sincerity of the NRA and Republican leaders, given their unwillingness to support more-substantial restrictions such as an assault-weapon ban. Liberals would do well not to forget that. Republicans should join Feinstein to solve this problem. You can talk about the "success" of gun confiscation in Australia if you like, but it's not a comparable situation.

But should the ATF modify federal statute to make such devices illegal, the move would circumvent Congress. If you drive without a seat belt, you can get a ticket and a fine. More gun laws? Better background checks?

This week, Ryan donated the amount of past contributions his campaign received from the NRA - $20,000 - to three gun control advocacy groups: Everytown for Gun Safety, Americans for Responsible Solutions and Sandy Hook Promise.

In an unusual bid to cast a wider net for additional tips, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and police have arranged with communications company Clear Channel to post billboards around Las Vegas urging members of the public to come forward with any information they believe might help investigators. Again, if people kill people, why not regulate people?

"This might be a small but a very important step toward moving us to a more rational conversation about sensible gun policy in this country", Republican Congressman Carlos Curbelo of Florida said.

On Thursday, the NRA blamed the Obama administration for authorizing the sale of bump stocks in 2010, based in part on the manufacturer's claim that the device was meant to assist people with "limited mobility" in their hands. No, but it MAY have reduced the body count.

The leading bump stock maker, Slide Fire, did not return messages from the Associated seeking comment.

Then there's Omar Mateen, the Pulse Nightclub shooter who gunned down 49 with a semi-automatic rifle.

Paddock bought five guns at the store over the course of a year and brought them in to be cleaned after shooting practice, according to Sullivan.

What about Dylann Roof?

The Guardian newspaper's The Counted database found that African Americans, who make up around 12 percent of the country's population, constituted nearly a quarter of the 1,092 killed by police in 2016. Remember, the insane kid who killed 26 at Sandy Hook?

Nonetheless, African American gun ownership is on the rise today. We do because one way or another the government ends up footing the bill because numerous users are on either Medicare or Medicare or the cost shows up in higher premiums for Obamacare subsidized by the government. What is our future if we continue to go down this road?

Want to reduce the size of high capacity magazines?

Where do bump stops fit in the gun control debate?

We do know that the automatic-weapons ban has largely worked. Some Republicans might oppose such a ban because they actually do not support the automatic weapons ban itself.

The complicated relationship between the African American community and gun control makes it hard to imagine new controls, the BGP's Ware said.

Once someone's mind is set on murder, there is no simple fix. We can pass a dozen more laws or a hundred more laws. Predicting which "moderate Muslim" will be radicalized and become a lone wolf killer is impossible. And in the same breath, it audaciously called to loosen restrictions on people carrying guns in public.

"I carry things that I know work and will enhance the value of a gun", John Maike said.