Gabby Giffords to Congress: 'The Nation's Counting on You'


As people across CT woke up early Monday, news was coming in about a deadly shooting in Las Vegas - one of the most lethal mass shootings in modern history.

Democrats have pushed gun control legislation for years after mass shootings, with no success.

"We must act so that we do not become numb to this preventable carnage", said Markey. To all those impacted by last night's shooting - CT stands with you. "So I think we've got to talk about change immediately", Murphy said. And that wasn't just - it was - it's a little more complicated than you're describing. I think the best thing you can do is make sure law-abiding citizens are able to defend themselves when they can. "Right now we're focused on passing our budget".

The congressional inaction underscored the power of the NRA and the political stakes for lawmakers who maintain their support for the constitutional right to bear arms and fear any challenge to their fealty. The bill is expected to pass, although Senate Democrats will likely block the measure. "This is just bad". But no votes on either bill were scheduled as of Monday. "And we have to decide if that's the kind of country we want to be. It's not who we are".

If Murphy and other Democrats were serious about implementing more gun control, then they would offer legitimate steps for Congress to take in order to more tightly control guns. At least a dozen of the firearms recovered in Las Vegas were semiautomatic rifles legally modified using bump fire stocks to fire like automatic weapons. We failed to respond in time for those victims and their families.

In a statement, the senator said: "This must stop". Other than challenging the weak gun controls of his state, he also co-authored an amendment that would force a further screening of gun purchasers. I want to commend the first responders and other citizens who acted with bravery and courage despite the awful events. "Until the events of last night". "To me, it's really wrong to jump out and politicize a tragedy".

"The fact is, 80 other people died from guns yesterday and stronger background checks laws should've saved many of them", the senator told reporters at the Capitol on Monday.

Manhattan District Attorney called the silencers bill "life-threatening legislation".

"It's because this country has the loosest set of gun laws allowing risky people to own unsafe weapons in the industrialized world", he said.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., echoed Kelly's sentiments saying, "It's time for Congress to get off its a- and do something". "This is a grave tragedy for our nation", she wrote.

Northam has promised voters that he would be a "champion for responsible gun violence prevention policies".

Ninety-six House Democrats, led by Rep. Mike Thompson, have written a letter to the president imploring him to come to their side.

In an interview with the AP last month, Ryan said Congress needs to fund mental health reforms.

"Every day, I am stunned by the level of trauma (direct or vicarious) congress is willing to make us suffer through", Marquez-Greene said. But more than that, he pressed for debate and said Majority Leader and House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., "won't allow the House of Representatives to consider any ideas on how to deal with gun violence in America".