US Intelligence Officials Call N.Korean Leader 'Very Rational'


The only times China has put pressure on North Korea was when "the Chinese were absolutely convinced the USA was ready to go to war on the Peninsula", Deputy Assistant Director of Central Intelligence Agency for Korea Mission Center Yong Suk Lee said at a conference at George Washington University. He also pointed out that "being nice" hadn't work for 25 years during three administrations. They are, however, paying attention to Trump's own statements and tweets - which often contradict those of his underlings. "Clinton failed, Bush failed, and Obama failed". Those include the reunion with Taiwan, the stability of Tibet and Xinjiang, the disputed islands in the South China Sea and the influence of China in the regional and global system. I'm not severely anxious.

"I think they also have a sense that we're beginning to run out of time and that we really have to change the dynamic", Tillerson said. "There are enough smart people that nothing will come of it".

Now is the time to use diplomacy, including strategic communication lines and negotiations, with North Korea.

His ultimate goal is to force Kim Jong Un to capitulate.

The prosecution team in the Kim Jong-nam murder trial Wednesday (Oct 4) brought blood, urine and liquid samples tainted with VX, a chemical they claim caused the death of the North Korean.

"We've got to find a way for [Trump and Jung-un] to both stand down without losing any face", said Suleski.

When pressed about the U.S.

Trump and Kim - who reportedly has had his perceived enemies, including family members, executed in gruesome fashion - have been engaged in an escalating war of words for months.

When Om won gold at London 2012 he said his medal was "due to the warm love and consideration" of his supreme leader, while Rim Jong-sim, after her 75kg gold medal in Rio previous year, said: "The first thing I thought when I knew I had won was that I had made our beloved leader happy".

A POST mortem was performed on the body of Kim Jong-nam a day late due to objection from the North Korean embassy, the court heard today. While the chance of a direct attack on USA allies Japan and South Korea remains slim, Zagurek said history was replete with miscalculation by "rational actors" during crisis situations.

Isaac Campos, director of undergraduate studies in the history department, said Trump's motives are purely emotionally-driven.

While some analysts wondered if the president was intentionally playing bad cop to the secretary's good cop, veteran diplomats said they could not remember a time when a president undermined his secretary of state so brazenly in the midst of a tense situation, and the episode raised fresh questions about how long Mr. Tillerson would remain in his job. "Unlike most of his predecessors in the office, Trump seems to revel in his ignorance and lack of preparedness".

"Two observations. First, have a look at KJU's [Kim Jong-un] reply to Trump's United Nations speech".

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the global military strike against North Korea to destroy its nuclear and missile programme might not succeed, because no one knows, where the military facilities are hidden. China was also apprehensive about any move by the White House to unify the Korean peninsula, which could give the United States a greater influence over the region. "I think everyone would like for it to calm down".