Change in gun law unlikely


US President Donald Trump on Tuesday indicated to reporters that any debate on gun control would be sometime in the future and not in the immediate aftermath of a shooting that killed 59 people and wounded hundreds of others at a music festival in Las Vegas.

Investigators are releasing new information about the weapons that were used to kill almost five dozen people at a concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For those looking for a rapid fire weapon, a bump stock is much easier to obtain than a fully-automatic firearm.

Gun users can achieve a similar, though less controlled effect by sticking their finger through their belt loop or simply by holding a stick between the trigger and the trigger guard.

It is the worst shooting of its kind in recent U.S. history and many people have been expressing their deep shock and sadness at what has happened. They insist more victims would've died if those firearms used in the mass shooting had a silencer on them.

"This is a weapon and a man of mass destruction", said one ATF spokesperson.

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Gun stores in northwest OH are paying attention to the national discussion about gun control, following Sunday's deadly shooting massacre in Las Vegas.

Last month, a Republican- led House committee backed the bill, which has been endorsed by influential gun- rights lobbying group the National Rifle Association.

He may very well be, but he also had access to guns.

Certain guns are completely against the law, and you could not buy or own them unless you had special permission from the government.

Louis Nelson a reporter for Politico, says the silencer bill, whose official name is "The Sportsmen Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act" deals with noise suppressors.

All of them taken through the barrel of a gun.

Investigators still have not said what type of weapons the shooter actually fired that night, killing 58 people and then himself.

In the wake of the nation's worst mass shooting in recent history, Washington should ban devices that turn semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic ones, Gov. Jay Inslee said Tuesday.

Now is not the time to talk about gun control, because the blood of 52 people murdered by a gunman in Las Vegas, Nevada has barely congealed, and we should wait for their families to mourn.

"It makes me very unpopular to say, but I have to speak with my heart", he said.