Amazon unveils their new home device range


It comes with the same remote we saw in the image which has voice control for Alexa once you pair any of your Echo devices to the TV. The device is Alexa-powered and offers video-calling support. The product supports 4K resolution, speed, playback at 60 frames per second, it costs about $ 70. It now looks like a square Chromecast. They debuted a new 4K Fire TV box and a new $99 Echo. Furthermore, it is created to support 4K content and high dynamic range video.

Also, the Corporation revealed a device called the Fire TV.

The Echo Show has been available in the U.S. for a while with the device allowing users to not only hear content but also view it on a display. Even with the smaller form factor, the second-gen Echo packs a dedicated bass tweeter.

The smallest of the new Echo devices, the Spot is created to replace the alarm clock on your bedside table. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) after Google shut down YouTube access on the Echo Show smart speaker. The same can be done over Bluetooth also. Both are available for pre-order today, and will be available in October 2017. Amazon has updated this product as well, by improving the sound and adding a built-in smart home hub. It's nearly half in size than the Echo Plus. You can pick up a pair of them for $19.99 that will ship later this holiday season.

Buttons will be available later this year and are paired with a new series of multiplayer games like Sounds Fun with Mike Epps and Fourth Down Football Trivia with Philip Rivers. Amazon might have explored other possibilities too.

Amazon announced several new devices that work with the digital assistant Alexa. With a $35 price tag, this device allows you to turn your Echo device into a landline speaker phone.

The capability will be rolled out in 2018 model vehicles in the United States, UK and Germany from the middle of next year.

While neither BMW nor Amazon have commented on the matter, Apple CarPlay will still be available as a service that will run alongside Amazon Alexa. It allowed users to control features like climate control, door locking, etc. from any of their Alexa-enabled devices.