IOS 11 Arrives: Here's How to Install It on Your iPhone


Among the many new features and updates iOS 11 will bring to your iPhone and iPad, there's one that some users might not actually want.

The new storage tool in iOS 11's settings will "offload" apps you never use off of your phone, and will also ask if you'd like to store old iMessage conversations in the Cloud.

Apple has also released its new iOS 11 on 19 September globally. Once you open the General settings option you can jump to Software Update which will then open a screen which shows users the latest iOS version available for installation.

Apple has consistently warned about its intentions to get rid of 32-bit apps, and users have been presented with pop-ups telling them about the slowdown for a long time.

You can reach out to the developer and implore them to update it, but that probably isn't going to happen - they have had over three years to do it already.

Like most iOS updates, iOS 11 supports a surprising array of devices. iPhones as old as the iPhone 5s are supported, along with iPads as far back as the iPad mini 2 and the 5th generation iPod.

Now that you have a backup of all the content on your iPhone, you can proceed with downloading iOS 11.

No longer will you need to download a third-party app to screen various QR readers. The new iOS 11 comes with the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X out-of-the-box.

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On the iPhone, Apple hyped up a customizable Control Center, improved Siri and another push into augmented reality.

If you can't update or restore your device with recovery mode, or you can't use recovery mode because of broken buttons, contact Apple Support.

Screenshots have always been a staple of iOS, but now Apple has taken them to a new level.

However, it's nowhere to be seen and there's no mention of Messages in iCloud on the iOS 11 feature page. You also can choose the Bounce effect in order to make the clip go forward and backward and then forward once again.

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