Apple Intentionally Makes iPhones Vulnerable To Hacking With iOS 11


If you're affected by this issue with Apple's native Mail app, we recommend using the mobile web or Microsoft's excellent Outlook iOS app as a workaround. Just two days ago, Apple released its major software update, iOS 11. This control center has become the talk of the town. Although, the update is a smaller one, it doesn't push you to its limit, but it packs with some of the good things which you can get in your older iOS device.

We have been speculating about what the new iOS would have in store for us and luckily, Apple did not disappoint. However, some changes have been made to the Control Center in the new update which is particularly targeted at the Bluetooth and WiFi controls. It got separated into multiple pages a year ago to increase the options available, but the extra swipes got annoying.

If you are eager to update your iOS device with this iOS 10.3.3, it will take about 10 minutes to complete the entire downloading and installing process.

That's a ton of stuff that you can add, although adding everything will make your Control Center look kind of ridiculous (and confusing), so consider how sprawling a list you'll want to have to go through before just adding every single button.

After taking a screenshot, you'll now see a thumbnail in a corner. With a customizable interface, you can add your own shortcuts to the functions you need easier access to. For example, the flashlight now brings up a slider where you can change the intensity to something more manageable. If you do, they'll seamlessly be given it. Now you can use the little video and transform it into a loop, or a bounce - or, most wow-worthy of all, meld all the pictures together into a long exposure picture.

Apple Maps now offers speed limits and lane guidance on highways and indoor maps for some airports and shopping malls.

The new design has everything on the same page, so you don't have to scroll to get to what you're looking for. Instead, you'll finally be able to have your phone do that for you. First, there's going to be an associated battery life hit.

The most hassle-free method to share the WiFi passwords is now enabled for those operating iPhone with iOS 11. The app limited users to giving the company permission to either always track their location or to not track their location at all - the latter option making the app all but unusable.

Apple already has had artificial-intelligence software for cataloging photos and other internal features.