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The statement comes as 143 million people are worrying about the exposure of sensitive personal information in a wide-reaching data breach of the credit reporting agency.

"The Equifax breach has potentially exposed sensitive personal information of almost everyone with a credit report, and my office intends to get to the bottom of how and why this massive hack occurred", Schneiderman said in a statement.

David Vega is a commercial lender at Bancorp South in Columbus.

Check your credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies: Visit annualcreditreport.com to check your credit reports for free to check for suspicious activity; each credit reporting agency is required to give you a free copy once a year.

The security check site has been plagued by several issues, however, including traffic overloads, browsers blocking it over concerns of a phishing attempt, and public questions over its request for six digits from Social Security numbers.

An artificially intelligent chatbot that provides free legal advice has been configured to help victims sue hacked credit report giant Equifax without a lawyer. As a result, the personal information of 78.8 million insured customers was stolen.

"As of Saturday, Sept. 9, we are waiving all charges for placing or removing a security freeze on an Equifax credit file during the enrollment period for the credit file monitoring and identity theft protection service we are offering for free to all USA consumers". Some states may impose a fee for this, but Equifax is waiving that charge right now.

If a hacker has attempted to use your compromised information to get access to accounts or financial information (including, but not limited to, bank accounts, credit cards, and retirement or investment accounts), the Attorney General's office wants to hear from you; call the Rhode Island Consumer Protection Unit at (401) 274-4400, or email consumers@riag.ri.gov.

"When we apply for a credit card, a home loan, an auto loan, they're verifying our credit worthiness". "We have state and Federal rights to do these things so they can't just shut down their systems to prevent us from placing alerts and setting freezes". There should be a mechanism available for people to freeze access to their credit registries if there's no immediate need for them to be on file.

"I am concerned about the global financial system and keeping it safe", he said at the CNBC Institutional Investor Delivering Alpha Conference in NY. That puts you at peril of identity theft for as long as you've got a beating heart.

He also said the company's woeful response to people whose data may have been lost - including trying to charge them for protection - was "alarming". According to the letter, 80 percent of data breaches take place in industries other than those represented by the signatories.

You see withdrawals from your bank account that you can't explain. Especially disturbing is that this was the third time Equifax had been hacked this year.

It was the third cyber-security threat to Equifax since 2015, and even now, after what will be one of the biggest heists in cyber-theft history, there is no way to stop the company from doing business as usual - collecting our personal data and storing it without adequate security measures and with minimal transparency.