Apple's new LTE-enabled cellular smartwatch can do away with the iPhone


You can easily start listening to the music that you love right through this Apple Watch so you can listen to all the music instantly without your iPhone. He also said that Apple Watch is ready to rival with Rolex, Fossil and Omega which are the No.1 manufacturers of watches in the world. For just the watch users can make phone calls, send texts and stream music directly from the watch. The device's screen doubles up as an antenna, Apple explained, while there's an electronic SIM integrated directly into the Watch.

Apple touted the potential, but didn't give many details beyond the fact that the watch would share your phone number.

The immediate concern was how drastically an LTE connection (known as 4G in the UK) would impact talk time estimates - and the answer is "a lot". Android Wear devices have coalesced around a more watch-like round design.

The addition of cellular capability will definitely transform the Apple Watch into a different standalone device, and the development of new apps specific for the Apple Watch may increase the watch's popularity worldwide.

Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV Apple Watch Series 3 looks like the Apple Watch Series 2, but it features a faster processor and has built-in cellular.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will come in two variants - a 16GB version with Global Positioning System and cellular and an 8GB version without cellular.

The new Watch 3 likewise includes an indicator to check the flights of stairs you've moved amid your day and it will likewise accompany Apple Music spilling.

There is, of course, one more model: the Apple Watch Edition, which now comes in a dark grey ceramic case and a new two-toned Sport Band to fit. The Apple Watch 3 additionally comes in a GPS-only model for £329, but we'd recommend spending the extra for the myriad extra features. The GPS + cellular Apple Watch Series 3 will be $559 and $599 for 38mm and 42mm respectively. How is Apple getting that 97 percent customer satisfaction out of their watch users? The tech giant is expanding its health monitoring features of the Apple Watch.

The $10 per month fee was double what Verizon charged to add the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch to its plans earlier this year and could deter some subscribers from connecting the Apple device to their mobile plans. Pre-orders will ship on September 22, at which time it will also begin showing up in Apple retail stores.