Will iPhone X hint towards Apple's next decade ambition?


It's the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, which was launched in 2007.

According to Forbes.com, the iPhone 8 will be Apple's most expensive iPhone ever - with pricing starting from $1,100 to $1,200. And while Apple in its invites to the press event didn't clarify what's on the agenda, the excitement is palpable. This is a bit of a workaround, and while it has worked for the past few years there is no guarantee it will work come 12 September.

The event is likely to take place at the new Steve Jobs theatre and it is expected that Apple will bring to light iPhone 8, rumours and leaks of which has flooded the technology news industry. At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) earlier this year, Apple proved that this indeed will be a busy year for the Cupertino-based company. Millions other will tune in online to watch the event.

As mentioned in the first post regarding the Apple event 2017, people those who all having the following features in their device can only able to watch this event in the live stream. Given that Apple has a lot to announce - and given some of those products are so odd and expensive that it's going to need a lot of time to explain why - it'll probably be at the longer end of that.

You can catch the latest updates and analysis on Indiatvnews.com. Here is what to expect at the Tuesday event. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be similar to the iPhone 7 line. It is possible that this means the new remote for the set-top box will feature haptic feedback. The company is also reported to launch a new Apple TV with 4K support and a new leak just ahead of today's launch reveals some interesting features.

Faster processor. The new iPhones will have the brand-new Apple A11 processor on board, with 6 cores (two high-power Monsoon cores, and four low-power Mistral cores) for faster processing.