Mercedes 1000 bhp hypercar - an F1 auto for the road!


Regular cars have a thermodynamic efficiency of around 33 percent, if they're pretty good at it (which means 33 percent of the engine's power drives the vehicle, and the rest if lost as heat). Its electric motors, its electrically spooled turbocharger, its batteries and their cooling system are all shared with the F1 auto.

The Mercedes-AMG Project One is actually claimed to be quicker to 200kmph than the, wait for it, Bugatti Chiron and you won't believe how Mercedes-AMG did it.

The F1-derived, mid/rear- mounted, turbocharged 1.6-litre V6 petrol engine, developed at Mercedes-Benz's High Performance Powertrain division in Brixworth, has been tuned for everyday use and is backed by four electric motors. The V6 itself is capable of revving up to 11,000 rpm and benefits from pneumatic valve springs (instead of mechanical).

Power is delivered to the road through all four wheels: the rears fed by the V6 and its electric motors, while the fronts each have an additional 60kW motor. Also, Mercedes has put two separate turbochargers for catering to front wheels, each producing 161hp, thereby creating a virtual four-wheel drive system.

Will he get one? The Mercedes-AMG Project One promises 1,000 horsepower from its racing-inspired powertrain mounted amidships in a slippery body shell that will help this supercar hit a top speed of 217 miles per hour. On a road long enough, AMG suggests a V-max beyond 350km/h. The gearbox is electromechanically/hydraulically automated or can be shifted using the steering wheel paddles.

Thanks to its unique setup, the Project One comes with all-wheel-drive for better grip and handling.

A video screen replaces the rear view mirror in the relatively minimalist interior, which has a digital gauge cluster and rectangular, F1-style steering wheel that's fitted with controls for drive modes, suspension settings and an airbag.

The engine features a split turbocharger design that keeps the hot exhaust gasses that power the turbo away from the compressor, thereby leading to more power through cooler and denser air being fed into the engine.

Inside the two-place cabins, the seats themselves are integrated into the monocoque and yet have adjustable backrests.

There's a third screen that acts as a rear view mirror so you don't scrape it in the supermarket vehicle park. You'll find two real racing buckets and a pair of 10-inch displays that focus on driving and performance data.

After months of speculation and teasers, Mercedes has unveiled the Project One hypercar, and it's as extreme and ridiculous as you'd expect.

The Project ONE was driven onto a stage on Monday night by F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who climbed out of a slightly wonky lift-up door, suggesting the show auto was a hand-built prototype. "The Project One team is working hard on successfully bringing this vision onto the road", it added. All this though, comes with a massive price tag of $2.72 million, with only 275 units to be ever built for the entire world, which without a doubt will be sold out with a blink of an eye.