Would-Be Travelers May Be Stranded as Flights Canceled Ahead of Hurricane Irma


Delta Air Lines announced Thursday that it's bumped up capacity on flights from at least seven different airports in Irma's path, adding more than 2,000 more tickets, all of which were capped at $399. "If there's any gouge, it's just the last-minute walk-up fares that are designed for desperate business fliers". There's no way of renting cars. She said she owns a radio station on the eastern part of the island and wondered how damaged the towers had been.

"Some people just traveled up to Orlando where it's expected to be more safe because it's inland", said Davis.

"I wish everybody in Miami a lot of luck with this catastrophic [storm]", she added.

"We're offering emergency flights for South Florida residents, to NY, to warrant their safety".

American Airlines also started capping flights at $99 on Wednesday evening, and other airlines introduced caps too.

While Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has already announced it will close this weekend, Miami International Airport says it has no intention to do so, saying it will close only if the airport suffers serious damage. The last flight out of Orlando will be at 2 p.m. Saturday.

"A nonstop flight through Allegiant to Orlando left (Thursday) morning".

"We have been in constant communication this week with university and government officials", Stricklin said in a statement.

She said flights over the weekend to the path of the hurricane are still set as scheduled, but airlines could change plans based on how the storm unfolds.

Major US airlines are taking measures to help passengers with flights into or out of the region by offering travel waivers.

"We haven't changed the ways we price our flights", the United spokesperson said.

The majority of the airport has been due to the amount of rain suddenly dropped on the area and less about the wind. This will ensure that they can resume work immediately the storm passes.

"We are sending our thoughts to all South Florida residents during this time of uncertainty", he added.

The family said they will try to stay with some friends in Fort Lauderdale.

She said the customer services representative pointed her to their travel advisory policy, which states travelers headed to Fort Myers, Orlando and Savannah between September 7 and 14 can rebook another Sun Country flight with no additional charges, but that they have to travel by September 30.

"We're not done. It's still hurricane season".

In other words, it depends on whether the worst projections materialize, something that, unfortunately, looked more likely in the recent forecast models.