It's gameday! Patriots to take on the Chiefs


They and their fans are to celebrate last season's fifth Super Bowl triumph during the reign of Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady. Final regular-season record: 14-2.

The Chiefs have a number of wins to be proud of in their four seasons under Reid, including one over the Patriots in 2014. In his preseason debut for the Patriots, he hauled in three passes for 50 yards and a touchdown on the game's opening drive.

Patriots vs Chiefs tv channel schedule is on NBC.

"I mean, the opener's always pretty - you know, everyone's pretty amped up for this one". Fun times for these two AFC East rivals, indeed.

They'll be those that think the manner of the defeat will break them as a team but I'm not one of them.

The defending Super Bowl champs are clearly the best team in the National Football League, even with the season-ending knee injury suffered by Julian Edelman.

The previous time Patriots quarterback Tom Brady opened a season at home against Kansas City in 2008, it ended with him limping off the field with a season-ending knee injury.

Super Bowl: The Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl became an instant classic.

If you're in a position to platoon quarterbacks this season or are looking for value options for DFS, you could do worse than Smith in most weeks. It's him. That is virtually indisputable at this point. So I think we're ready.

"But we've worked very hard on planning a ceremony that is very special". It's a Pittsburgh thing, you know.

"He's a pretty talented player", Belichick said of Dorsett on Sunday, after the Patriots made a flurry of moves to get their roster of 53 nearly set. We're prepared. We're confident. "You've got to start that commitment fresh every year". "He said, 'Yeah, we're going to make sure you have a memorable season because of all the sprints you guys are going to run". Yeah, there will definitely be nerves and being anxious. Football's been such a rewarding part of my life.

"You want to coach against the best - that's a lovely thing". Stallworth said Patriots veterans were privately more motivated by sticking it to those who labeled the squad "cheaters" amid the unfolding Spygate scandal. There's one standout in particular: pass rusher Justin Houston.

They'll still need some luck, and you aren't any likelier to believe they'll win than I am.

By all indications, they are really good. "When they're roaming around, you can't just stare them down right where you want to throw the ball". In pure football terms, they have the personnel to create pressure up the middle against Brady and enough playmakers at every level to be risky. "That's why they force that many turnovers".

With the excellent Aaron Rodgers leading the offense they have the ability to put up points against any team.

"As much as people are saying, 'Go for the flawless season!,' honestly, even if you lose one week, it's not going to change what you want". They feel like, hey, they're going to figure that out.

After a big league stand by the Chiefs defense on 4th-and-inches, the Chiefs' offense responds with a 90-yard drive that featured Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. "He flourished in the Patriots' system and showed toughness fighting through injuries", Price says. Sometimes he gets it on a kick return. It's a lot of stress on your team. There's just this great mental rapport with those guys. Most times, he's too big for safeties to cover and too fast for linebackers to keep up with. That remains to be seen.