Orlando International Airport plans to close Saturday for Hurricane Irma


We will continue to add extra flights, if equipment is available.

Hurricane Irma is taking aim at the Bahamas and is already impacting the coast of Cuba.

JetBlue and Southwest flights from Florida cities to Albany are sold out through Sunday. In Miami and West Palm Beach, almost 35 percent of gas stations are out of gas, while Gainesville is reporting over 40 percent of its gas stations are out of gas.

Delta also announced it was reducing the price level of its last-minute fares, and waiving change fees. "We are working to provide additional flights where we can and communicating directly with impacted customers". "We have full details on the waiver at delta.com", the Delta spokesman told Yahoo Finance.

While more than a million people are leaving Florida, some New Englanders are determined to beat Hurricane Irma to the Sunshine State in order to help their families who live there.

"(I'm) disappointed, but I'm feeling more relief because I hear the eye is really big and it's kind of scary with the winds and everything", said Sun Oh, an evacuee from Orlando.

At the time of writing, more than 547 origin and destination flights at Miami International Airport had been cancelled, according to flight tracking service Flightaware. On Friday American added four flights to Dallas/Fort Worth and one to Charlotte Friday.

Flights to Albany International Airport from Florida cities are full or almost full, the Albany County Airport Authority said Thursday. "Then all of a sudden yesterday morning it was 'everybody gotta go, '" said Marcia McCullough. He said it took him three flights and 36 sleepless hours to get out of harm's way.

"I wish everybody in Miami a lot of luck with this catastrophic [storm]", she added.

"I want to see executives lose jobs over this", he said.

In response to how Miami International is preparing to this storm, an official told ABC News, "Prepare for the worst and hope for the best".

Over half a million people have been ordered to evacuate the state, while the Carolinas and Georgia have also declared an emergency.

Fort Lauderdale, the metro area's second busiest airport, said all flights there will end Friday at 7:45 p.m.

Two days ago - when Hurricane Irma was forecast to hit Miami directly as a Category 5 storm - Miami-Dade County was staring at a potential storm surge of 10 feet.