If You've Got Destiny 2 on Disc, the Servers Are Live


"Bungie's '#Destiny 2' server #Queue is worse than you imagined and its latest reminders to players aren't promising as well". Destiny veterans will remember that, once upon a time, the game only had 20 levels, and the real game only began once you hit max level. Here's how to check the time for your zone - Find your time zone or the closest one. Destiny 2 opening at the same time all across the globe could cause a lot of problems, and, let's face it, they don't have the best launches.

I've been taking screenshots constantly while playing "Destiny 2" on PlayStation 4 - here are some of the coolest things I've seen. Additionally, the fan-favorite endgame gameplay experience, the 6-player Raid, will go live for players at 10 a.m. PDT on September 13. With Destiny 1's home base a smoldering wreck, the Speaker missing in action and Zavala & Co left fleeing - things are not looking up for Guardians as we enter the world of Destiny 2. For the DLC, players will be tasked with saving him from an alien called Vex.

As such, while these reviews are certainly not complete or definitive, they do make a compelling argument that Destiny 2 is a mostly satisfying sequel, with Bungie listening to player complaints even if there are sure to be more than a few new ones in the coming days and weeks.

Mods for armor and weapons are a new feature for Destiny 2 and are an evolution of Ornaments from the Rise of Iron expansion.

Since Destiny released, I-and nearly every one of my friends-wanted ship interiors; after all, we spent probably an eighth of our total time in Destiny in our ships, and I think we all want to know what the inside looks like.

PC players will have to twiddle their thumbs until 24 October, when the game launches on Microsoft Windows.

What this means is that you can now have more freedom over the weapons you choose as it offers more flexibility across the board.

Destiny 2's first raid won't be going live until Wednesday 13 September.

Fans of "Destiny 2" are becoming restless as the first-person shooter's September 6 release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is already within reach. However, with Destiny 2 launching today, it seems like Microsoft may have managed to sidestep that technicality after all.

Humanity has fallen to an overwhelming invasion force, led by Lord Ghaul, the imposing commander of the brutal Red Legion. "I hope people complain about how much story we have". However, to ensure you're able to gain access to the game as fast as possible, we recommend preloading the game prior to release.