Daily Stormer Moves To Russian Domain, Dropped By Cloudflare


"We need to be careful of that here", he said.

In a post on Gab, a Twitter-like service favored by white nationalists, The Daily Stormer's founder Andrew Anglin posted a screenshot of an alleged email from Cloudflare, saying that its paid plan "will end now" on August 16.

"You, like me, may believe that the Daily Stormer's site is vile".

The tech industry's shunning of the Daily Stormer has sparked debate over what role companies should play in policing online content. Experts say it's within businesses' rights to restrict who uses their products.

Submit your Newswire tips here. In response, Daily Stormer has moved to the Russian social network VK, where it has thus far failed to amass much of a following.

Ostracisation was taken one step further by a host of Twitter users - shoutout to @YesYoureRacist - who have been publishing photos of protesters who attended the Charlottesville rallies, and seeking the public's help in identifying them. My rationale for making this decision was simple: "the people behind the Daily Stormer are assholes and I'd had enough".

Earlier in the week, a Google spokesperson outlined to TheWrap the section of its terms of service the Daily Stormer had violated.

Despite widespread praise of GoDaddy for kicking the hate site off its platform, many have raised questions as to why the Daily Stormer - which features sections labelled "Jewish Problem", "Race War" and other unapologetically hateful content - has not previously violated the company's terms of service for its conduct.

Since the move to the Russian domain, content delivery network (CDN) Cloudflare canceled Daily Stormer's paid subscription to its service.

However, CloudFlare which provides website security including bolstering defenses against denial of service attacks and masking the identity of a site's domain provider, appears to be still providing DDoS protection services to The Daily Stormer.

"You don't have to play this game too many moves out to see how risky this is going to be", Prince said. Critics draw attention to the fact that pushing such groups underground makes it more hard to keep tabs on their conduct and whereabouts, in turn making it more hard to minimise potential damage. The San Francisco-based company said it has stopped proxying the site, as well as stopped answering DNS requests for it. Cloudflare also said it had taken steps to prevent it from registering for the company's services again.

LinkedIn, a unit of Microsoft, suspended a page devoted to Daily Stormer and another page belonging to a man associated with the site, Andrew Auernheimer.

"Facebook does not allow hate speech or praise of terrorist acts or hate crimes, and we are actively removing any posts that glorify the horrendous act committed in Charlottesville", the company said in a statement. The blanket ban affected millions of Ukrainian citizens, many of whom were anxious about their data.