Why People Hated That Bachelorette Finale


Rachel Lindsay's time as The Bachelorette came to a close this week when (spoiler!) she became engaged to Bryan Abasolo. In fact, the three-hour episode on Monday night (USA time) was pretty good TV.

It's unlikely that there have ever been more people packed into the makeup aisles of a Lord & Taylor than there are today, the Wednesday after the Bachelorette finale.

Aside from his sweet words, he also delivered in the ring category-Lindsay received a 3-carat ring with 80 round-diamond accents.

"Everybody knows I love Dean", he said. You want what you can't have. Will you remarry me? "I knew I was watching this woman be hurt, I was watching myself be hurt, and I was going to have to face her for the first time since then". And the success of their relationship must have left ABC executives popping open champagne bottles to celebrate. They acknowledged that it's tough for Rachel because of all the judgment headed her way.

Again, those who agree with Lindsay's choice applauded her reaction while those who sided with Kraus viewed her delivery as cruel and misguided. Third-place finisher Eric Bigger, the last African-American male in the running, was shown the door early in the finale.

Eric Bigger doesn't think Bryan Abasolo was Rachel Lindsay's pick on The Bachelorette and that it was really Peter Kraus. Like, they don't see the essence of Bryan, and the love story that we have, and they're still fixated on the lack on commitment that Peter was showing.

"I want it to be in a convenient place where our families can get there, and I just want to have fun. I would never just choose a ring". "I thought Steve Harvey was going to pop out with Peter and be like, SURPRISE!" "[Rachel and Peter's] was a real conversation that was happening, compared to, like, a TV conversation". Having a Peter announcement somewhere in there may also be even more incentive for people to watch - otherwise, most indications when it comes to the show are that it could be somewhat depressing thanks to the Corinne Olympios - DeMario Jackson scandal. But the show treated his hesitancy as a jarring flaw.

Bryan calls Rachel his "reina", his "queen" in Spanish!

Though there has been a grassroots campaign to make Kraus the next star of The Bachelor, he isn't sure he'd take the job if it was offered to him.

The tears, the heartbreak and ALL the drama we endured this season was finally worth it as Rachel has officially chosen her ideal match.

Meanwhile, series host and producer Chris Harrison revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in July that they still have to decide who among the men from Lindsay's season will emerge as the next Bachelor. But it did widen - maybe just a little bit - the image of who can stand at the center of the show's romantic fantasies.