Immigration proposal could be problematic


"The sharp reduction in immigrant workers in the years ahead would also reduce tax receipts for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the tripod supporting the nation's rapidly aging baby boomers - 10,000 of whom retire daily", the editorial said. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas that would dramatically change immigration policy in the United States. Their plan is badly flawed, but that's partly beside the point - because it has little chance of ever being enacted. Trump's saying the opposite appeals to his political base but doesn't make it true.

The RAISE Act and its supporters say America doesn't need people like my grandparents anymore.

The RAISE Act, in addition to amending several provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, essentially provides for four things: (1) It establishes a merit-based points system for employment visas; (2) it ends extended-family chain migration; (3) it limits the number of admitted refugees; and (4) it eliminates the Diversity Visa program.

There are some who wish to cut off all immigration to the USA - legal and illegal.

U.S. Rep. Jared Polis from Boulder, who is running for Colorado governor, stopped into the Post Independent the day the president announced his support for the Raise Act. Instead, the lack of hireable help would slow the economy, creating layoffs or lulls in hiring of better jobs.

If the RAISE Act passes, it would pave the way for an enormous shift in US immigration law, which historically has encouraged immigrants to come here for work or to join family members that already reside in the country. (Canada and Australia already have such systems, but they're seemingly immune to criticism simply because those nations seem pretty chill.) Some of the points awarded in the new system would be based on salary level, rewarding foreign nationals who have been offered high-paying jobs in the United States - an attempt to reverse the cheap imported labor trend that has done so much harm to the USA economy. "This short-sighted bill will devastate immigrant workers, their families, and the millions of Americans who desperately need home- and community-based services". The poll indicates that 56 percent of Americans think that job skills are more important than family ties in considering who to admit.

You might consider, for starters, the enormous demand for low-skilled workers, which could well go unmet as the baby boom generation ages out of the labor force, eroding the labor supply. Less obvious are all the skills we risk losing from the overachieving sons and daughters of those unskilled first-generation immigrants. Other research suggests it can and does hurt the least-educated or otherwise disadvantaged Americans. He says he wants people to move here, regardless of what country they were born in. Well, Democrats are supposed to be anxious about poverty and inequality.

And more to the point regarding the Trump ban, as The Atlantic notes, "Iranian-Americans founded or hold leadership positions at Twitter, Dropbox, Oracle, Expedia, eBay, and Tinder".

The bill outlines a series of questions for individuals seeking to immigrate to the US.

Since the 1980s, immigrants from Mexico and Latin America have poured into the US with or without documentation. As of 2015, a surprisingly high 48 percent of newly arrived immigrants were college graduates (up from 27 percent in 1990).

Bennett said ICE agents won't always arrest non-targets if they find them during a raid; if there are children present, for example, or other extenuating circumstances that the agents decide mean they shouldn't take the others into custody.

Only the descendants of the tribes of Native Americans can lay claim to being here first.

It makes sense to give talented, well-educated immigrants a leg up for residency. This in turn is partly due to stricter border enforcement - a policy Democrats are reluctant to praise (even though President Barack Obama prosecuted it).

Soon after his inauguration, Trump signed executive orders broadly authorizing federal immigration agents to detain and deport all undocumented immigrants. The first crawl across the bottom of the television also was somewhat oversimplified.