Bachelor Nation Rallies Around Peter Kraus: Is He The 2018 Bachelor?


The designer is considered to be a Bachelorette favorite, with Lindsay wearing at least seven other creations throughout her season, including her premiere dress. (Man, the producers don't give this guy a break!) Peter knows he has to commit to Neil, proposing to Rachel with a Neil Lane diamond ring, but he still doesn't buy this whole reality TV marriage proposal thing, which frustrates Rachel.

No one was really surprised when Eric was the first to go, but seeing Rachel and Peter break things off before the final rose ceremony even happened?

Next up were Rachel's final two dates of the season.

If Rachel does indeed pick Bryan, as I am afraid she will, there is a silver lining.

Rachel and Peter spend their final date in the romantic setting of. a monastery. While her family had obvious doubts about him, Rachel was distinctly frustrated that they didn't immediately love him, and became seriously defensive when they tried to raise questions about him.

After several tense discussions, a tearful Rachel was forced to walk away from the potential suitor, despite him telling her he loved her. "Going through it, I felt Bryan was flawless for me. She's probably literally three times more stressed than I am", he says. It's just who I was developing connections with, and I wasn't paying attention to a race, career or an age. Bryan then joined Rachel on stage and asked her to marry him all over again for the live audience. I won't say anything negative about Bryan, who did a solid impression of Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates, proposing and re-proposing every few minutes, treating the promise to marry like a web domain that needed to be renewed before expiring. Peter is, however, ready to journal, and someday we're gonna need to read that journal. And 10 minutes after we should have had love, we're sitting with a sad Peter, a potentially sad Rachel, and still no Bryan. Peter then said he would propose so that he wouldn't lose her and she told him not to bother. A 32-year-old savvy lawyer from Dallas who seemed to step into a season so hand-tailored to her liking that it lacked the ability to create the dramatic, emotional feel the show is known and loved for. He finds she is distracted but feels only time will tell where they truly stand. It was Rachel Lindsay's decision to make! They cry, they argue in a circle, and then Rachel is done.

It's real now, world: Rachel is now engaged to Bryan!

This means that Bryan Abasolo is the last man standing. Her heart was screaming out for Peter. Spoiler alert: She said yes.