Shkreli lawyer's closing argument: 'There's something wrong with Martin Shkreli'


Brafman says his client will appeal the verdict; if the appeal is unsuccessful, Brafman says he will do his best to keep his client from spending any time in prison.

When challenged about his refusal to cooperate, he told a lawmaker: "I intend to follow the advice of my counsel, not yours".

Shkreli was initially taken into custody in 2015 after reports of a securities fraud probe emerged. He was derisively called "Pharma Bro" on social media-so he adopted that as his handle on League of Legends.

"I think this verdict is a reasonably good verdict under the circumstances", he said. As he spoke, Shkreli smiled and cocked his head quizzically in mock confusion. Today, a jury found him guilty of three of those counts.

Shkreli appeared before Congress a year ago - but refused to answer almost every question that was put to him.

Former pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli is upbeat and defiant following his conviction at his New York City securities fraud trial.

Speaking to reporters outside the court, the entrepreneur said that he felt vindicated by the fact that he had been exonerated of the charges he considered more serious.

Shkreli called the prosecution "a witch hunt of epic proportions". "They may have found some broomsticks". He could face up to 20 years in prison for his alleged role in these crimes, but the raunchy whistleblower dubbed "Pharma Bro" for his wild antics isn't taking his sentence lying down.

The case surrounded Shkreli's co-founding of MSMB Capital Management in 2009 and subsequent co-founding and leadership of Retrophin Inc (NASDAQ: RTRX) in 2011.

Less than an hour after a USA jury convicted Martin Shkreli of securities fraud, the so-called "Pharma Bro" was back at his New York City apartment doing what comes naturally: trash talking in a live-stream on YouTube.

Wrapping up their month-long case, government prosecutors had told jurors the evidence against Shkreli was overwhelming, arguing that he told "lies upon lies" to investors for years in running a Ponzi-like scheme.

A still from Martin Shkreli's postverdict YouTube live stream.

In their allegations, they said he lied about: hedge fund performance and uses of invested capital, his education, and prior investing experience.

The jury in New York City has deliberated five days.

He looked over quizzically at one of this lawyers, Marc Agnifilo, each of the three times that Judge Kiyo Matsumoto interrupted a set of "not guilty" announcements she was reading off of the jury's verdict sheet with a "guilty" one. Well, public dislike of Shkreli spread rapidly among people who possess souls after he bought the rights to an AIDS drug and jacked up the price to ridiculous levels.