China: Restraint on Doklam not unlimited


Many are speculating that this debacle may lead in to a war.

China's investments in India have grown from $116 billion in May 2014 to $160 million now, which is a hike of 37 per cent.

"Patience and bhasha saiyam (restraint) are very important to resolve the issue".

"We will continue to engage with the Chinese side through diplomatic channels to find a mutually acceptable solution based on the Astana consensus of our leaders". A day before the G20 summit was supposed to begin in Hamburg, Germany, China dismissed the prospect of a meeting between Chinese president Xi Jinping and PM Narendra Modi, saying the "atmosphere is not right for a bilateral meeting".

Firstly, China has been more assertive over Doklam standoff than they had been in recent times.

"The US", said White, "is largely sympathetic to the challenge that India faces in dealing with a territorially assertive China".

Beijing alleges Indian forces crossed into a region known in China as Donglang, called Doklam in India, early in June and obstructed work on a road on the Himalayan plateau.

He further said that even if there's a war between the two countries, the solution again would have to be found through diplomacy post war too. The incident took place on the Chinese side of the delimited boundary, it said.

China has stepped up its rhetoric in an increasingly tense border row with India, hinting at the possibility of military action in a propaganda push that analysts are calling "genuinely troubling", AFP reports.

Hidden in these diplomatic words is that a conflict between China and India, themselves both nuclear-armed powers, would rapidly draw in the United States and potentially other great powers, threatening a global conflagration. JeM chief Azhar had been involved in carrying out terror activities against India, and this was a well-known fact, said external affairs ministry spokesperson Baglay. According to Beijing, the two sides had agreed to the boundary alignment in the Sikkim sector under the 1890 treaty.

India and Bhutan have maintained historically strong relations.

The Chinese defence ministry said that only a few Indian soldiers are left in the area near the border stand-off to give the impression that India is gradually withdrawing from the disputed area.

"The China-Bhutan boundary issue is one between China and Bhutan".

The Opposition on Thursday raised multiple questions to the government regarding India's stand and road map in bilateral relationship with countries, mainly Pakistan and China. It has nothing to do with India.

China is planning a "small scale military operation" to "expel" Indian troops from the Doklam area "within two weeks", an article in a state-run daily here said on Saturday.