'The Atomic Blonde' gives Theron a chance to kick butt


Handsome, dashing, unflappable in the face of danger and irresistible to attractive women, the action hero is one of pop culture's most iconic blueprints for masculinity. (The only one, in fact, would be 2005's great-looking and mortally flawed Æon Flux.) We should have had three or four other movies like Atomic Blonde instead of relegating her to the token parts in The Italian Job and Prometheus, but I'm glad this Cold War spy thriller gives her such a deadly stylish showcase. "I think that people should continue to theorize who that old man was". Theron's a good lead, but Broughton is not Furiosa.

"I took a lot of my anger that had been stored inside of me for many years and let it loose", Satana said of her most famous role.

Word has it that Daniel Craig will indeed return as 007, but until that's formally announced, the rumour mill has been working overtime. Through that we ended up with Atomic Blonde, which I am really proud of. "She just exists in that world". Crossing the wall was heavily restricted, and young Berliners yearned for its destruction.

Bond, the masterful man, occupies a glossy, high-tech environment. She stated that her character, Lorraine, still has a lot of stories that need to be told. Lorraine mostly fights people bigger than her, so her strategy is to use anything nearby as weapon.

The bruises turn out to be from the story she soon relates.

The longest continuous take in the movie lasted about two minutes, which is a huge number for such a complicated scene, with so many moving and exploding pieces. But they're not new to the screen. What's the chemistry like between him and Ryan and is this film going to be based around that relationship in the way that the Wade/Vanessa relationship was the core of the first movie? "I didn't just want to play a girly spy who depends on her flirty ways", she says. Theron's exceptional work in this film is often the only element that keeps viewers engaged - it's truly an intense, riveting comic-book action performance come to life. I really wanted it to define the movie as a whole in terms of her bigger crisis of not being able to trust anybody - who is she really? The reversal, when the woman stabs the monster and wins, offers a visceral rush.

Charlize Theron and James McAvoy in Atomic Blonde. Secondly, I like lesbian scenes as much as the next guy, but can we please stop filling movies that bill themselves as female empowerment with this stuff? But trying to kill Lorraine Broughton and actually doing it are two very different things - a lesson that cops, gangsters, and assassins all learn the hard, brutal, way. Lorraine's bisexuality is handled with welcome matter-of-factness. "Now this is 'Tinker, Tailor with Fight Scenes and a Great Soundtrack.' Let's add the costumes [which ranged from classic period Dior to secondhand punk scrounged from thrift shops in "Blonde's" main shooting location Budapest, Hungary], and the color and the graffiti from the wall, and you no longer have a spy thriller like you would have had before". Theron conveys her character's congenial lust and protectiveness for the other woman, but the movie seems unsure whether to gawk or go along - whether to commit to the "subversiveness" of its governing idea or treat it as a hubba-hubba novelty for the boys.

First seen emerging from a slipper bathtub filled with ice cubes, Lorraine - her dorsal muscles ripped to perfection, her skin nicked and abraded - is called into British secret-service headquarters to detail what went wrong on her mission to take down an espionage ring in the bisected German city. She's got a tough-as-nails attitude IRL, too-one that's definitely worth embracing. Yet it does explain why the film's hollowness is a feature rather than a flaw, reflecting the mindset of kick-ass pulp heroine who submerges herself in an ice bath every night, as much to numb her conscience as to salve her wounds.

Sometimes Atomic Blonde feels like a music video advertising either cigarettes or ladies' underwear. Lorraine is a fun character to watch onscreen, even if she isn't the most interesting protagonist at times.