Fight Society Podcast: UFC 214 Preview with Aljamain Sterling and Jimi Manuwa


In the main event of UFC 214, light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier will put his title on the line against former champion Jon Jones. Jones previously defeated Cormier to defend his title at UFC 182.

There's only one thing that I know for certain; without any of this additional drama, we would be sitting back and focusing on the technical aspects of this absolutely incredible fight between two of the best light heavyweights to have ever competed in mixed martial arts.

"I would love to fight Brock Lesnar", Jones told fans during a recent Facebook Live chat. I have no problem. But as the old saying goes, timing is everything and, for a long time, it looked like Father Time was conspiring against the Brazilian standout. With the investment in purchasing UFC so lofty, the new UFC needs to produce some revenue "hits" and there is no doubt that a Lesnar-Jones fight would generate north of 1 million PPV buys quite easily, I'm thinking. It's all about Jon Jones getting his life back on the "right" path.

Brock is still a popular star in MMA and with Jones touted as one of the best in MMA today, this fight has the potential to be a great one. Cormier is everything Jones is not.

Who you got on Saturday? Maia (25-6), meanwhile, had to win seven straight fights before the UFC finally granted a title shot to the highly skilled but uncharismatic grappler from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Despite the compelling storylines, there is next to no buzz because Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather have consumed the fight world's attention - including UFC President Dana White's. Jones looks like nothing less than the future of the sport when he's throwing elbows in the clinch, nailing livers with vicious spinning back kicks, or sending men to the floor with spinning elbows to their heads.

Even though Jones dominated Cormier in their first fight and earned a win by unanimous, it would be a folly for him to look past this Saturday's rematch. Yesterday, Cormier admitted that he didn't try hard enough in the clinch to get Jones off of him, which cost him dearly.

Tonight's press conference between Jones and Cormier didn't fail to entertain, either. Cormier can not have forgotten the fact that Jones is the only competitor to ever best him.

"I mean, I think in time the result of one fight will not (overshadow) everything I've done in this sport", Cormier said.

Cris "Cyborg" Justino will collide with Tonya Evinger for the vacant women's featherweight belt. "So I'm not going to answer your question", Jones responded. Cormier mocked Jones for being a fuckup who was too busy snorting cocaine and "sandblasting prostitutes" to make himself worth a damn.